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GordonW 9th June 2008 02:22 PM

HK 'Deuce front end on G2 drive output stage?
As I still haven't gotten around to building my screen (G2) drive amp pair yet... I'm still thinking about alternative topologies.

One idea that came to mind, after a mention of the 12BY7 and/or 6CL6 (IIRC) being able to swing extreme voltages with low distortion... was to splice the HK Citation input amp and phase splitter, onto a cathode follower and G2 drive output stage.

Seems like this might have the potential to swing enough voltage, without the complexity of a second amp stage (after the phase splitter). I've tried modeling this type design with triodes as the phase splitter, and couldn't get enough swing combined with enough bandwidth... but, a killer pentode like the 12BY7 might just be able to do it...

So, any comments? (Douglas, I KNOW at least you should have at least some sort of opinion on this... :D )


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