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bayermar 18th April 2008 11:22 PM

How hot do Hammond chokes get?
Hi everyone,

I could not find an answer by searching the archive, so I have to start a new thread (if this comes up regularly please be patient :) ).

I was wondering how hot the small Hammond chokes get at the rated current. Specifically the model 156R. Its a small open bracket, 1.5H 200mA choke. It will be used @ ~300Volt.
Has anyone used this one before?

I would like to put it in the chassis (not well ventilated) but I do not want to toast the other components in there.
If it gets "hand-warm" I wouldn't mind but if I can sizzle burgers on it I would rather use a beefier one.

If I understand the physics of a choke input power supply correctly the voltage is adjusted by "phase shifting", therefore there should not be too much dissipation loss in the choke?!?
Do I use the DC resistance to calculate that?
Sorry, for my ignorance but I always tried to avoid inductors (especially the math :dead: )

Thank you for any input.


sorenj07 19th April 2008 12:29 AM

Unless you're grossly abusing them I've never found chokes to get any more than warm to the touch.

Geek 19th April 2008 03:18 AM


I've abused Hammond NOS chokes pretty bad and they never even got warm enough for the "be able to hold for 10 seconds and you're OK" rule of thumb for iron I go by.


tommcnally 19th April 2008 07:57 AM

By the way Martin - Triode Electronics has a shielded choke with the same specs as the 156R. I've used that in a few of my amps.

bayermar 21st April 2008 03:06 PM

Hey guys,

thank you so much for the replies.
I will not abuse those chokes. So I think I should not to worry about them too much.
Thanks for the info. That is something I will have a look at.


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