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rman 16th April 2008 01:44 AM

Rectifier and amp heaters on one supply?

I need to heat a 6x4 and two 6922's from one 6.3v winding.
Is there any inherent problems with this? diode heaters are
normaly left floating while amp heaters are ususally referenced
to ground or somewhat higher than Their cathodes. The 6x4
is indirectly heated and can take +/- 450v heater to cathode.
I think I can reference the heaters a few volts positive of the
6922 cathodes with no problem. Power supply is hybrid bridge,
300 volt transformer sec.

Also the specs say with 300v on the plates, the 6x4 needs 300
ohms resistance in the plate supply. This is for capacitor input
filter. Does this apply to choke input filter as well?


astouffer 16th April 2008 02:19 AM

Leave them floating, if you have hum problems connect one side of the heaters through a .1uf cap to ground.

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