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sorenj07 11th April 2008 06:47 PM

My 6S19P Linestage
Haven't sketched out the schematic but it's pretty simple. One 6S19P per channel in GC. 3K+4.7K in parallel to bias at -40-45V ~22mA or so. Bypassed by a 150uF 63V 105 degree 'lytic, and a .22uF 630V film. 63V is a bit close but the grids shouldn't swing that much since they're being fed by a CD player.

Anode load is a 6K 10W resistor. Output RC is 4.7uF Solen (peeled and painted with heat-resistant enamel after too many soldering iron scars) and 470K. Volume control is an Alps Blue Velvet.

PSU: Two 6.3V 6A transformers back to back, one of the CT's grounded. Voltage doubler with 2 UF4007's, 2 450V 100uF caps, with 220K in series to balance voltage. 10H 65mA choke into 220uF, then 500 ohms and 100uF, and a channel split with 350 ohms/47uF each.

The preamp is dead quiet (after I realized I had to connect chassis ground to mains ground to kill huge hum), aside from the microphonic 6S19P's. Does anyone thing the -EV type would be worth it?


Zen Mod 11th April 2008 07:23 PM

you know what?

that's really fugly!

that biggest pic is worth :worship:


sorenj07 11th April 2008 07:42 PM

heh thanks! i dunno about the sound but so far I notice that the bass out of my 6.2W amp is kicking so much more butt than before...

reinhard 12th April 2008 05:46 PM


have you measured the gain of your preamp?


sorenj07 12th April 2008 06:21 PM

I've typed the tube characteristics into TubeCAD and expect that it's around 2.

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