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skittletata 3rd April 2008 03:26 AM

Power Transformer mystery lead....

i recently got a few old chasis with transformers on them that i want to use for parts. i figured out what leads are what with a function generator and a meter (measuring intuctance and continuity etc..)

however on 2 of the power transformers there seems to be an extra wire that is not attached to any other winding. one of them has line in, a pair for high voltage out and a pair for heater voltage and then... mystery wire on

the other one is much older and has a pair center tapped high voltage out, a center tapped 12.6v heater output a 5 volt heater pair and then a wire that does not appear to be inuse with any other winding.

any ideas? i have not plugged in mains level voltage to these, jsut testing with lower voltages and doing the math.

perhaps they are damaged?

any help appreciated.

SY 3rd April 2008 03:31 AM

It's probably a shield. If so, it should be grounded to the chassis.

skittletata 3rd April 2008 03:40 AM

ok ya i thought maybe as much but i have never actually seen such a thing. thanks for the insight.

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