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akimmet 9th January 2012 03:43 PM

The SSE as mono-block
I had recently purchased two SSE boards, one as a backup or another project in the future. As what seems to come naturally after buying extra parts, I got the somewhat mis-guided idea of making more power by using both boards at once.

I have come up with two semi-obvious ideas for combining the channels on each board.

1. Running both channels in parallel. This seems to be the simplest solution, but would require humungous(in size and price) 1.5-2.5k SE OPTs.

2. Making a huge class A Push-pull. I was thinking of using an input transformer as the phase splitter(not quite as expensive little buggers), or perhaps an external cathodyne or LTP splitter. Then I could use more common large 6.6k-8k PP OPTs.

If I went the Push-pull route, the question would be how to acquire negative feedback without a redesign. I could try GNFB, but that may anger the spirit of Mr. Nyquist by operating through the input transformer. I also thought of grounding the 4ohm tap of the transformer, and deriving the required out of phase signals from the common&8ohm tap. I would then still have the speaker connected to the common&8ohm taps.
I'm not sure what would be the more appropriate course of action.

Anchan 10th January 2012 02:27 AM

I built a PP amp with 2 SE boards. My DAC had a balanced output so skipped the phase splitter altogether. Really sounds very very good. Did I mention it sounds good?
Not sure about how to do NF in PP though. Maybe you don't need it?

akimmet 10th January 2012 03:26 PM

It is good to see someone has has success with a similar idea. I have read posts alluding to this idea before, but no real details. I sort of gotten this idea in the first place from Pete Millett's uniamp.

Jpeg 14th January 2012 02:28 AM

On the single ended front, you have these 10 pound monsters from edcore EDCOR Electronics Corporation. CXSE25-8-2.5K I build my TSE from the 3200k versions. I seriously considered using 2 boards at the time, but the price of 300b's conviced me the extra 3db was just too expensive. El-34s and kt88s on the other hand... I have 2 SSE boards on the workbench now, I will most likely get around to this sooner or later. I really want to hear what a 25 watt se monoblock sounds like.

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