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neonthecat 21st May 2010 05:26 PM

SP-P final connections?
The Edcor xfmrs are shipping, so I should be listening to music sometime next week.
The PCB and chassis were done weeks ago, so all that needs doing (once the iron arrives) are the final connections. There are no wiring diagrams on for the SP-P last time I looked.

I found some images George posted as to how the terminal strips should be wired, and I don't think I will have any problem. However, I would appreciate any of the SP-P builders who may have sketched out a diagram, to post it. I'd also like to confirm how the connections for UL should be configured in case I want to try it.

I'd rather not blow up anything when I throw the switch for the first time. ;)

Ian444 23rd May 2010 03:16 AM

I usually draw a schem of anything I build for reference, particularly in this case since I didn't want to get the connections wrong, and wanted something easy to read. This schematic here is correct as far as I can determine. The green dots are the terminal blocks. It shows UL connection but so far I have only tried pentode mode. For pentode mode L-PRI_1-3 and L-PRI_2-2 are jumpered to L-PRI_1-1, and same for the right channel, and the UL leads are disconnected and insulated. For grounding I used the grounding instructions in this Simple SE page, (scroll down.)

The official schematic is here.

I hope I haven't violated any copyright or anything like that. If there are any objections I will remove it.

neonthecat 23rd May 2010 02:43 PM


Thanks for the reply. I was pretty sure of the connections when I first asked, but then I've been wrong before...:D

Curious...have you played much music with your SP-P, and how do you find the sound? I've never had an amplifier that used EL84's before.

BTW: Nice job on the schematic. I usually draw out something too, but on a tiny scrap of paper that only I can decipher!!

Ian444 24th May 2010 09:25 AM

Its probably got 300 hours on it by now, it runs every day, nearly all day most days. I'm extremely happy with the sound. It is giving me and my wife a lot of listening pleasure.

rknize 24th May 2010 03:04 PM

I've got mine in the shop. Those speakers appreciate the punch of a good PP amp. It's probably got maybe 50 hours on it now.

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