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Spasticteapot 12th April 2006 04:32 AM

The "How much will you pay for these (surprisingly useful) components?" thread.
To make a long story short, I know a guy who runs a pro audio shop, and has, a large amount of electronic components for sale. (If I recall, they're ex-NASA stock. Odd, eh?)
Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how much they're worth, and if anyone wants to buy some.

The first items on the block:
-Sprauge 22000uf 50v capacitors. These are extremely large blue capacitors. I'm going to use two in my GainClone in place of the 4x 10,000 uf caps. We've got 6, and maybe 8 capacitors that appear even larger. We've also got a few other matched pairs of caps, one at 31,000uf.

-Random 20v capacitors, some matched pairs, from 20,000uf up.

-2N3713 NPN power transistors. These are rated to a maximum of 10A, 60v, or 150w total, if I read the datasheet correctly. You can see it here:
We have 100 of these, which may soon be availible for sale. I'd also like to see if anyone can find an amp schematic for these.

-MD918A dual transistors. If you need a few, we can throw 'em in with your order. We have 1,000+.

More will be added over time.

Apex Jr 12th April 2006 04:41 AM

When you say large capacitors I get worried...
Check the date code.. Should be on the bottom right
side... As for price I was selling a 68,000 Uf at 50V
Smaller Computer Grade Cap when I had them (SOLD OUT)
for $5.95ea SO, 22,000 would be less and I would
maybe sell them for $3.95 - $4.50 depending on there
size and the date code.
Transistors should sell for around a $1.00 ea...
The MD 918 I'm not familier with...
Steve @ Apex Jr.

Spasticteapot 12th April 2006 05:00 AM

The transistors are about 2$ at most retailers, with a minimum quantity of 10. 1$ ea. for quantities of 15 or more, or $1.50 each sounds good to me.
Also, go buy stuff from Steve. He's a really decent guy, and has more stuff than we do. (I'm just helping him clean out his parts bins...all four or five dozen of them).

anatech 12th April 2006 03:44 PM

Here is the data sheet for the MD 918
It's a diff pair in a TO5 type case.


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