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dunderchief 17th October 2005 02:44 AM


So I'm officially getting out off DIY for the time being. Time to focus on graduating from College and Getting a job. Too much stuff and no place to put it. Take this stuff off my hands and I won't have to look at it and think how much fun it would be to use it. Shipping is additional in each case, and the prices are fair and reasonably firm. Order a bunch of stuff and we can work out a deal.

8 x XLR to RCA interconnects

All of these IC's are made using Dayton locking RCA's and Neutrik XLR plugs (don't remember which line). The cable is Beldin Cat 5 cable, don't remember which kind on that either, but it's the good stuff, and one that was recommended on the forums for IC use. Pin 1 and 3 aree connected on all of these, but I'll be happy to change that if you'd like. Silver solder and all that, the culmination of hours of researching IC's. Nicely covered in Tekflex, they look very upscale.

$20 for a stereo pair plus shipping

Buy them all and shipping is free.

There are:
2 male XLR to RCA approx. 1.5ft in length
6 female XLR to RCA
4 - 1.5ft in length
2 - .75ft in length

Just enough to connect all the in's and out's of a DCX 2496, hint hint.

Behringer Ultra Drive Pro DCX-2496

We all know what this one is. It's got maybe 10 hours on it on the high end. Barely scrathed the surface of what it can do. Not a scratch on it.

Take it for $215

Creative Sounds WR125's

Once again, these need no introduction. Less than an hour of play time, they've rarely been out of the box. Absolute perfect shape.


Aurum Cantus G2si tweeters

Bought used off of this forum, I haven't had a chance to really use them at all. I did buy some caps to put on the input to protect them from DC. They will be included.

(Sorry for the blurry picture, you get the idea though.)

Dayton Reference RS225 8" drivers

Fantastic drivers, that I once again never got a chance to use. I don't believe this pair has ever even seem power. As beautiful as the day I opened the boxes.


B&K VMR 654 6 channel Amp
I just bought this from Bill F. about a month ago. Really a beautiful amp that sounds fantastic. 6x60 into 8 ohms. It kept up nicely with the pair of Bryston's I ran it alongside. Huge supply caps, and in general over built. Gain control for all 6 channels on the back.


MB Quart MusicComp 3 way Passive Crossovers

I have no info on these, and cannot tell you where the crossover points are or what drivers they go with. I know they're expensive to replace and, I believe, came with the premium line 3 way set.


2 yards of Black Grill Cloth

Had it sitting around forever, and have used bits and pieces, but for the most part it's hole. Nice dark black, and as far as I can tell doesn't change the sound of a speaker.

$5 or Free with an order over $200

80 x #6 x3/4" Security Allen screws with bit
These little ******s are expensive at .25 a piece from parts express. I even bought the bit to go with them.

$10 (that's half price!!!) or free with an order over $400

2 x Alpine 3545 Digimax Amps
Old school Alpine Power. Probably some of the nicest high power car audio amps around. 250x2 into 4 ohms or 1000x1 at 4 ohms. Highly underrated. A little rough cosmetically, but they sound oh so sweet.

$250 each
or $475 together

Phaze Audio TD1250 Tube Driver board
250W mono tube hybrid car amp. Just the board and it does not work. I've been told it's a very very easy fix, but I don't know what it is. These are rare as hell, and supposedly sound very nice. It's pretty to look at if nothing else :)


Okay, I think that's everything I've got. I'll add more if I find it. I've got all sorts of references and stuff. Happy to take paypal for a 1.5% fee.


Zedguy 17th October 2005 06:51 PM

I'll take the DCX. Sent you a PM.

tf1216 18th October 2005 03:33 PM

Can you please let us know what has been sold? Thanks!

dunderchief 18th October 2005 06:37 PM

Sorry for the delay. I'm trying to get confirmation from a few people before I can say what exactly is sold.

So far the only things that for sure aren't sold are the AC G2si's and the B&K amp.

tf1216 19th October 2005 06:26 AM

Please put me next in line for the Behringer DCX-2496 and the grille cloth if the deals fall through. Thank you!

DPW666 19th October 2005 03:47 PM

Do you still have the Alpine amps?


bradmop 20th October 2005 08:41 PM

I'll take the Aurum Cantus ribbons. YGM

morbo 25th November 2005 11:06 PM

can you update this, what is sold?

davetech 17th March 2006 10:49 AM

any more updates?


dunderchief 17th March 2006 04:33 PM

Hey folks,

I've got the patch cables, the Dayton's, and the WR125's. Everything else is sold. Feel free to email me about things :).

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