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Bksabath 21st December 2012 11:06 AM

Paradise BCXXX-40
Paradise builds transistor matching and swaps tread

Post hear what you have and what you need give details on how you match the transistors so to keep consistent result.

For those that sent PM they all be answered as time aloud considering that Crimbo time Families and day job commitments will slow things down

This is absolutely not a profit making tread and swaps are strongly advised so if any cost like Postage and Packaging is common for both parties.

Bksabath 21st December 2012 11:21 AM

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Measurement of the transistors

I have started to measure the BCXXX-40 I got with goodies bags (Paradise GB)

I tried the Atlas unit again and first test on a sample measure first test Hfe 477 a second test few seconds later measure Hfe 481 is not a big difference considering the 10% tolerance recommended
Measuring with the circuit published by Hesener give me an Hfe of 493 and repeating this give me exactly the same results (for same ambient temperature)

I like to test using Hesener circuit as I can see what is happening especially with the problems arising from touching the transistors

Considering that to build this circuit is really inexpensive I am going to stick with it and
If you have the Atlas you know how often it needs new batteries (I run mine from a dedicated PSU)

In the picture my set up Voltage is 5.0012 Volts (Yes that meter cost more than an Oscilloscope I have)
Temperature at 16 C today (this effect measurement as in video)
BCxxx 40 004 - YouTube

So before I start a new batch I line the transistor up on the spare space on the breadboard and then I only use a set of pliers to place the transistors on the test position

No need to do that if you got time Just wait for the transistor Hfe to stop drifting :D

Bksabath 21st December 2012 11:30 AM

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This is what I have
1000 each of BC337-40 and BC327-40
the 337 are in the 480 to 540 range
the 327 are in the 510 to 600 range
let me know what you need and we take it from there

I wuld like same 327 in the 480 range

I have not opened the GB bag so far but that is my next Job
For those that sent / recivied PM , you got first refusal ;)

Bksabath 21st December 2012 12:04 PM

Few test on the GB transistors
I got 337 with Hfe in the 460 range
The 327 mesure low on the 380 range

I need same 327 in the 460 range

GaryB 22nd December 2012 07:36 PM

Just measured the transistors in the group buy "goodie" bags. Unfortunately, the BC327 were from the -25 group and the BC337 were from the -40 group, so I have no matching devices. I used the transistor tester that Holger Barske recommended here: Paradise – Transistor matching | Holger Barske
For those interested in the statistics, here is the rough distribution of hfe across the lots. Note that I grabbed the transistors with my fingers and inserted them in the tester and immediately measured them. If I waited for them to cool back to room temperature then the hfe dropped 2-3% compared to what's documented here. But I was consistent, so the matching within a group is quite good even though the absolute number may be off.

  1. 290-320: 49
  2. 320-330: 90
  3. 330-340: 82
  4. 340-350: 28
  5. >375: 3

  1. 420-439: 6
  2. 440-449: 21
  3. 450-459: 23
  4. 460-469: 42
  5. 470-479: 57
  6. 480-489: 50
  7. 490-499: 20
  8. 500-509: 17
  9. 510-549: 13

So I've got plenty of the BC337 that look good vs. the 36 needed for a stereo build. But I need 36 BC327 to match up. I suspect everyone will be in a similar position so I'll order some more BC327-40 unless some kind soul has some extra BC327 that would match with my group of BC337.


Bksabath 22nd December 2012 10:03 PM

Tanks for posting Gary
I got a few PM about similar problem

One of those that sent PM has opposite problem I have with the Fairchild Hfes for 327 on the low 500 and NPN on the hi 500

Opefully this will pick up after the hollidays and get sorted
We both need 327 in the 400 + range

Marra 24th December 2012 02:45 PM

Just taken delivery of some Diotecs from Conrad I'll post details when I've measured them after christmas.
Seasons greetings to all :hohoho:

quan 28th December 2012 09:45 PM

Hi , my GB transistors measured the same.
Bc 337 -mostly around 480 s.
Bc327- from 25 series thus only measured btw 310-360 only.

Bksabath 5th January 2013 02:52 AM

Hi Quan
sorry missed this
last festivity....
I got a few 327 in the low 500 so we are stcuk witout any matches on the 400 range for the current mirrors
Any one near / nearer to Sidney that can help????

quan 5th January 2013 05:35 AM

trade/swap-Bc 337/Bc327
Hi ,any paradise builders out there with Bc327 at 480-500?

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