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anubisgrau 13th November 2012 08:20 PM

FS: Earl Geddes GedLee 15" waveguides, DE250 drivers, foam plugs and x-overs
For sale are the following unobtainable components:

- a pair of 2008 Gedlee 15" waveguides made of fiberglass with a wood mounting surface glued on
- 2 sponge foam plugs
- 2 B&C DE250 drivers
- 2 original crossover/filter schematic (bass part is for B&C 15TX100 which is what Gedlee Summa use)
- 2 boxed MF/HF filters with aircore coils, polyprops and L-pad. At the time of purchase this was a waveguide used in Gedlee Summa.
- 2 bass filters (open boards) with aircore coils, good Mundorf caps, Mills resistors etc

I bough these (except from bass filters) from member JDUBS at Audiocircle 2 years ago. Here's the original ad:
FS: Pair of GedLee 15" waveguides, DE-250 drivers, foam plugs, and crossovers

As there were too many interested parties, the parts went to the highest bid instead of asked $900 - and that was mine, $1080.

I'm looking to get as much as possible from what I paid - which is an equivalent of 850 euros plus costs of rather complex bass filters, totaling to 1100e.

So the asking price is 1100e.

I have absorbed the costs of shipping from the US to Europe, duty fees etc.

If you have DE250 driver, I can take this off so the rest will cost you 1000e.

Reason for sale is simple - I'm making for myself a wooden version of the WG and the crossover with the top level parts.

I'm based in Europe so I prefer shipping to Europe, however I can ship this worldwide at cost.

This is your chance to come as close as possible to clone Gedlee Summa, adding just cabs (of known dimensions) and B&C 15TX100 bass drivers. There is no chance you can do this with the horns from Autotech (Poland) yet.


Here's the text from the original seller which summarize what you get

" Geddes 15-inch Waveguides (Pair)

Pair of Geddes 15-inch Waveguides with patented foam plugs. These are the exact waveguides contained in the Summa loudspeaker that has received rave reviews from audiophiles the world over. The current compression driver mounted on these waveguides is the B&C DE-250 (16 ohm version) and I am also offering a high-pass crossover that is the exact Summa high pass (900 Hz crossover point) version made with air core coils and polypropelene caps with point-to-point wiring. The crossovers (not pictured) are in small boxes and include a 16 ohm, 100W LPAD to control the volume of the compression driver since it is incredibly efficient. The Geddes schematic is included.

This combination of waveguide, foam plug, compression driver, and Geddes designed crossover must be heard to be believed. Their CD design provides a huge sweet spot with electrostatic transparency and perfect tonal balance. The compression driver also provides incredible efficiency and high SPL capability.

Earl doesn't offer these anymore and if you want to go GedLee waveguide, these are the ones to go with and are superior to the smaller ones currently offered for DIY.

The waveguides themselves are made from fiberglass and aren't much to look at. The drivers are already mounted and the foam plugs are attached, so these are essentially ready to go.

The crossovers were built by Earl and are specific to this waveguide with a approx. 900hz crossover point. There are also LPADs so you can adjust the output levels. "


Last but not least, I have fully assembled clones of the earlier reflex ported Summas based on the above WGs, crossovers and original B&C drivers. I can consider selling those at cost - 1800 euros. They are fully run in, work absolutely wonderful, have tremendous speed, electrostatic transparency, neutrality and most likely kills anything under 10k euros new. List of the speakers they demolished on various demos I made includes various JBL studio monitors (4430), Klipschorns, Tannoy Ardens, any econowave I've heard, and plenty of various expensive designs. The first speaker I know and I would consider better is 24k euro Oris Swing MkII

More details via PM or email: hornperfect @

anubisgrau 15th November 2012 09:51 AM

1800e plus shipping costs, firm
hell of a speaker for the money
can be finished (sprayed or veneered) at cost as per request of buyer

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