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qusp 14th April 2012 04:48 PM

DIY Shed shedding
OK so as many of us do, for a while I was leaping on any GB that came along (just in case), trying different stuff out and deciding my direction as I learnt what that was, that direction and its budget is pretty much set now for the foreseeable future. As a result I have several finished (but uncased) fully stuffed and partially stuffed projects, as well as blank PCBs and spare unused parts.

Its got to a point that its just taking up room and ive run out of excuses to keep it around; some pains me to get rid of it after the time and blowing the coin on premium components for everything and multiple international shipping costs, thinking of what might have been, but its better it gives someone some enjoyment and helps me fund finishing my new speakers and casing up other projects properly.

some pics will be added tomorrow and others as I find the time

2 x DCB1 (Blue) Buffers stuffed with premium parts, 7R5 Mills 5W for shunt resistors (though I can supply 4R7 Mills, or Texas components TX220 4R0 foil power resistors for even hotter hotrod if desired for a bit extra $$, the builds are fully set up for hotrod), PRP metal film and shinko carbon resistors, matched Jfets, matched LEDs, Nichicon KG main reservoirs and silmic II elsewhere, Cree zero recovery to220 diodes, Auricap Film reference bypass caps, Cardas quad eutectic silver solder throughout.

I have the fets here if needed but they arent installed, they were to be the last things to go in before casing and testing but its just not needed for my system.

I have some tapped Conrad heatsinks to suit for 1 board, but not sure I want to get rid of them and I only have 2, My intention was to build a 'balanced' version and upgrade to zfoils in the buffer once I decided whether it was for me.

reasonable offers considered, not sure what to ask for these, regretful sale :( no lowballers please
$285 the pair, or $170 for the complete board and $140 for the board sans mosfets

see pics below

2 x Sjorstrom QRV08 (SOLD for $375 the pair) crazy OTT SMD headphone amps with 4 x discrete diamond buffers and 4 x super regulators each. AD825 opamps in the regulators, nichicon KG main caps, overkill opa827 in the servo for highest AC performance. Fully functional and sounds very detailed and clean. The design has onboard transformers so you only need a case and volume pot for a fully functional amp.

the other unit needs some troubleshooting and I never got around to it as all my gear is balanced and these are not huge but not compact either and i wanted my headphone amps built into my dac, there just wasnt room and now i'm running 4 channel balanced for 2 way digi XO there is no way.

All the regs are fine and putting out correct voltages but after reflowing and some parts changes there is a partial short to ground somewhere on one channel, when you see pics you'll see finding it is not the most straight forward task. with more time/experience under my belt now i've been meaning to pull it out again, but never seem to find the time. there is no heat or magic blue smoke when running and it makes audio but the servo just doesnt know what the hell to do so there is DC on the output of one channel. i'm sure someone with more time and some patience can fix it, but that isnt me at the moment

1 x Twisted Pear Spdif MUX/i2s or spdif out, bought fully stuffed, the unit is fully functional and stock except i've used gold plated molex connectors for connections, never used it as a final solution, only testing
$60 sold

1 x Twisted Pear WM8804 Spdif->i2s, fully assembled, still recognized as one of the best receivers available. $40 sold

1 x Twisted pear Metronome, fully assembled (need to test, I never put this to use as I have been using usb->i2s straight into sabre) sold

1 x Twisted Pear LCDPS stock, fully functional, used for testing various things and in my original Buff32 $20 (sold)

1 x Placid BP 2.11 $60 bipolar shunt regulator, built and tested, stock parts

2 x Burson discrete shunt regs, unused $25 each (sold)

1 x QH Salas shunt V1 reg red PCB, fully functional, only onboard sinks, you will need something larger for higher current, this has been used to supply ~100ma to USB-i2s $30

1 pair of sjorstrom SSR01/02 positive and negative super regulators, built and tested $35 each

2 x Blue Lightspeed LDR attenuator PCBs (make me an offer) sold
2 x EZY Dac 1.5 PCBs with 1 x power supply PCB ($20 for the lot)
1 x O2 headphone amp PCB, black solder mask, from Ollie's GB $10

qusp 14th April 2012 04:57 PM

pricing will be added on the ones left blank tomorrow, need to go back and check what ive put into them, but in the meantime will except offers. i will also add some other parts and blank pcbs, maybe a couple of drivers and some used cables

qusp 18th April 2012 12:35 PM

6 Attachment(s)
I wish we could add pics in the perpetual edit

anyway heres some pics

you'll see i've added a USB->i2s oem board I was using with the Acko AKU24 and theres the TP MUX, Wolfson spdif reciever and the metrnome. the DCB1 speak for themselves. I will only package the foil power resistors if someone adds them, they are not included by default. i'll fionish doing the math now. I have the quad of k170 and Mosfets for the second board as well as the 7805 regs for both boards. I may have to include a power supply for the hiface in order to avoid problems, so let me check that out first. I will also likely be adding a AMB Sigma22 regulated PSU

qusp 18th April 2012 01:59 PM

oh and i'll remove the blue LED and replace with another green as the blue sets the Vout too high, ive since done this combo with shunts and it just creates too much, form over function

merlin el mago 20th April 2012 08:12 PM

Jeremy how much for the metronome shipped to Spain - Europe?

qusp 22nd April 2012 05:26 AM

ok priced to sell, the 2 x DCB1, with the added 4 x texas components TX220 Sfoil power resistors for 285AUD. the power resistors alone retail for ~ $100; I can replace the blue LEDs with green and dial in one board if desired. the conrad heatsinks, nor mosfets for the second board are not included in this price, but the matched jfets for both are. individually, $170 for the complete board with optional foil R's for you to install and 140 for the second without mosfets, obviously the fets are less than 30 bucks so thats a steal

So its a complete board with the highest quality hotrod resistors around extra and a second board complete except for the mosfets. would prefer to sell together but will split if I get no bites.

reasonable offers considered

flocchini 26th April 2012 03:31 PM

I am interested in headphone amps

neb001 28th April 2012 03:32 PM

I might be interested in a headphone amp, I was interested from the get go but I was waiting for a price to be posted first :p

qusp 28th April 2012 03:57 PM

haha yeah ok, sorry about the pricing on the headphone amp, I thought I had posted it but turned out I had only shared by email around the time I updated the thread with pricing on the DCB1's, rather than actually posting in the thread. Flocchini has first go at them, but i'll let you know Ben, i'm just going to fire them up in the morning and see if I cant find that short on the second amp.

merlin el mago 28th April 2012 05:12 PM

Any news about Metronome?

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