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luvdunhill 26th February 2012 01:44 AM

FS: Impasse Partial Kits (PCB)
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So, I'm nearing an end of a journey. This preamp PCB I have been holding out on selling the remainders until I had everything tested and verified good. At this point, it's dead quiet into my Lowthers and sounds amazing with my dual mono F4s. I'm ready to in good confidence move the extra parts I have.

So, what I'm offering is a mix and match from the parts below. Minimum purchase is a PCB and a set of input transformers (the board can accomodate both types) and one of the kits will include the DACT. This is to ensure I move the entire lot here.

I'm interested in trading for Semisouth parts, otherwise payment via PayPal.

I'd like

$130 for the PCB + transformer set
$280 for the PCB + transformer + attenuator set

The other items in the picture are a (nearly complete) set of resistors and Wima caps I used to prototype things, a few of the depletion-mode MOSFETs needed for the circuit (no need to match, there is the ability to dial them in in-situ on the PCB), a pair of .33uF/400V Relcap RT caps that could be used for two of the four the output caps or for the PSU bypass), and lastly a stuffed and tested Maida regulator board for the PSU (which can be changed to implement the temperature compensated version of the circuit and with Darlington BJT or MOSFET pass transistor). You are encouraged to make me an offer on any of the above as well :)

There are plenty of pics of my build in the Impasse Preamplifier thread. This board wil either fit the custom FPE case, or the Lansing enclosure that I used for the PSU. Everything should be readily available to complete this wonderful project.


luvdunhill 12th March 2012 01:26 AM


merlin el mago 12th March 2012 12:23 PM

What about $100 for the PCB + transformer set, paypal included? how much shipping to Spain?

merlin el mago 12th March 2012 12:54 PM

How many components I need to complete the kit?
Wich tx are need? wich voltage & current for B+ & heaters?

luvdunhill 5th April 2012 01:07 PM

^ prices are firm

merlin el mago 5th April 2012 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by luvdunhill (
^ prices are firm


How many components I need to complete the kit?
Wich tx are need? wich voltage & current for B+ & heaters?

luvdunhill 6th April 2012 04:21 PM

You will need a transformer and a way to turn this into DC (diodes and a cap). The B+ voltage depends on how much heat sink you have on the regulator. The article recommends the following transformer:

T2 Allied 6K3VG, 650vct @ 2A Allied # 227-0005

You'll also need a way to elevate the heaters, so two resistors and a capacitor.

I'd recommend reading the thread here:

merlin el mago 6th April 2012 06:01 PM

Please link me to the schematic, very long thread....

merlin el mago 6th April 2012 06:30 PM

I don't see the schematic, if AX have copyrights could you send me a pm or email please?

luvdunhill 6th April 2012 07:10 PM

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