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cocolino 13th September 2003 04:00 PM

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Specs can be found here:

This tweeters have been only mounted to a baffle for measurement purposes and therefore are technically as well cosmetically in as new condition.

The D2905/9700 often even is prefered to the more expensive Scan-Speak Revelator type dome tweeter as it does not have the "horn"-like extension of the face-plate.

The regular retail price for this pair at the moment is about Euro 360.
My asking price for this pair is Euro 220 + actual shipping cost

I ship worldwide.

Paypal accepted (with 4% surcharge to compensate my fees).

cocolino 13th September 2003 07:32 PM

already sold
I almost hadn`t closed the tweeters box again after shooting the photo above - yet have sold them already (to the very fastest buyer there is around here:nod: )

Peter Daniel 13th September 2003 07:43 PM

Re: already sold

Originally posted by cocolino
to the very fastest buyer there is around here:nod:
They just seem like a good match to my AudioTechnology woofers. Besides, I was always curious about those tweeters, yet high price prevented me from buying them. So it didn't take much to decide;)

cocolino 13th September 2003 09:09 PM


Besides, I was always curious about those tweeters............
Also I can`t claim having heard everything, I can say that I`ve heard quite a lot and IMO this are one of the very best 1" dome tweeters in the world.
For a dome tweeter (if possible I usually go for ribbons - only my taste) they can sound very open with excellent resolution. OTOH they are not a bit "agressive".
Only some ribbons may have still somewhat higher resolution of finest details - while these at the same time maybe are not so "universal applicable" as dome tweeters or have other "disadvantages" as narrower dispersion (which sometimes can be preferable though) or not rarely have higher distortion.

I believe it was a very good choice and that You`ll be satiesfied with them.

Pjotr 13th September 2003 09:22 PM

Congratulations Peter,

Agree with Christoph. These are one of the finest dome tweeters Iíve ever heard. Very low distortion too. These can be quite low x-overed. A friend of my did it at 2200 Hz with a 2nd order LW

Cheers :)

Peter Daniel 13th September 2003 09:48 PM

I was using Raven ribbons in my main system, but since it's MTM and I didn't want to use more than 2nd order on a tweeter it didn't allow me to go much lower than 5K (so as not to damage the ribbon too often). I might use those in my MTM setup as they will definiely accept more abuse than Ravens and frequencies around 2K will be more easily acceptable.

transducer 14th September 2003 01:51 PM

Peter, I'm shocked that you bought them! I was going to post about how expensive Cocolino had priced them, seeing as you can purchsase them from Solen here in Canada for $320 CAD. But then I checked at Madisound and saw that they were a bit more there. So seems that we in Canada get a really good price on Scan Speak drivers.

Well, at least you didn't pay much more than what you could have gotten them from Solen.


Peter Daniel 14th September 2003 02:26 PM

I just checked their prices and it seems like those tweeters are listed at $244 a pc.

I never thought that Solen can compete pricewise with other distributors. For instance 5" Audio Technology driver I can get for less than $200 from Europe is listed at $500 at Solen.

transducer 14th September 2003 02:45 PM

My price from Solen is $160.28 CAD each. It's been that price for several years. On other items, they're around the same price as Madisound. This is dealer pricing, which is fairly easy to get (just tell them you have a company, which I do).


cocolino 14th September 2003 02:47 PM


originally posted by transducer
I was going to post about how expensive Cocolino had priced them, seeing as you can purchsase them from Solen here in Canada for $320 CAD.
Expensive priced?


my asking price was based upon the regular retail price.
I searched the web for momentary retail prices. Here is a link to the official distributor for Germany:

As You can see it`s Euro 179 per piece.

The second information I found was that from partsexpress (link in my first post). The price is almost identically but in US$.

Euro 220 is about 40% less than the retail price. Taken into account that these drivers are virtually as new, IMO the price is fair (they are leftover from a large lot purchase - they have been only unpacked and tested before they went to be stored again - initially I intended to keep them for my own use but as I did not use them since now decided to sell them) .

Also please bear in mind that it`s not my fault that the Euro is comparatively strong to US$ at the moment - actually for me that`s bad for selling abroads.

Moreover, of course I can`t know about if somewhere in the world is a special offer opportunity of what I`m selling.
If it`s true that a pair goes for C$320 in Canada naturally it would have been better to by them there.
Though I`d be willing to refund Peters money if he can and want to buy them there but as he did pay in US$ via Paypal already I fear regarding the fees and the currency exchange rate I`d actually loose quite some money in this case.

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