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Tea-Bag 29th September 2011 11:13 PM

DCB1 Black, White and Red Kits
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I have put together some full kits designed to complement the DCB1 black edition boards.
This includes Black resistors, red caps, some white lettering and whatnot.
OK, so it's a cosmetic thing, but I realize this is important to a lot of people. (myself included)

Here is the rundown.
90 dollars for the kit +
20 for board
7 dollars domestic and 12 dollars international first class shipping.
The kit is not the whole deal - no chassis, wires , transformers, and anything that is not listed. It is all the parts that populated the board.

Part Manufacter part qty
Relay diode 512-1N4001- 1
10R Dale 3.5W
5R Dale 3.5W CW05 (new)-2
TO-220 Heatsink for 7812 532-6237B- 1
Nichicon Muse 100uf -3
BC517 863-BC517G -1
BC550C - 2
BC560C - 1
MUR860 -4
7812 slow start regulator 511-L7812ACV- 1
relay bypass cap 505-MKS02.1/63/10- 1
Relay TQ2-12V-3 or equivelent-1
header male 538-22-23-2031- 2
header female 538-10-11-2033- 2
header pins 538-08-50-0114 -10
IRFP 240 844-IRFP240PBF -2
IRFP 9240 844-IRFP9240PBF- 2
connector block 3 pos 571-1776119-3 -1
Panasonic TSHA 10,000uf 35v -4 (bigger caps, new)
Wima MKP10 .22 400v 5% 505-M10.22/400/5P- 2
47R PRP 9372 1/4W 25PPM Resistor- 2
100R PRP 9372 1/4W 50PPM Resistor- 2
470R PRP 9372 1/4W 50PPM Resistor- 4
2.2K PRP 9372 1/4W 50PPM Resistor- 1
10K PRP 9372 1/4W 50PPM Resistor- 1
47k PRP 9372 1/4W 50PPM Resistor- 1
220R PRP 9372 1/4W 50PPM Resistor- 4
220K PRP 9372 1/4W 50PPM Resistor- 2
1M PRP 9372 1/4W 50PPM Resistor- 2 (all lower PPM PRP resistors)
Matched quad 2SK170 and 6 random Toshiba NOS 2SK170 -10

LED RED 20ma -30

Here is a build guide another member did.
It is excellent, and on audiocircle. Thanks Wushiliu

DC-Coupled B1 Buffer Build

Tea-Bag 30th September 2011 05:35 PM

Good response to this so far.
10 kits are sold of 20,
4 more boards with kits left.
6 more without boards to be sold.

Tea-Bag 1st October 2011 12:41 AM

2 more board and kits
5 more kit only

Looks like I forgot to mention.
Color combo
Black boards, black and white caps, red PRP resistors, red Wima caps, more black stuff. More Red stuff.

I can remove brown elna silimic cap wrappers if you wish, in the spirit of cosmetics...

Thomas Giz 3rd October 2011 02:47 AM

You got mail....

Tea-Bag 3rd October 2011 03:16 PM

I have 5 more of the kits without boards available.

specialidiot 3rd October 2011 08:22 PM

PM/paypal sent, thanks!

KAien 4th October 2011 09:31 AM

PM & paypal sent, thanks!

C37 5th October 2011 02:53 PM

PM sent

Tea-Bag 5th October 2011 11:23 PM

Two kits only, without boards are still available.

C37 6th October 2011 09:11 PM

I've sent you my payment.

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