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rainzoneman 27th November 2009 07:07 PM

Yamaha M-60 power amp for sale (w/ impaired C-60 preamp)
I bought this Yamaha M-60 and C-60 pair in the early 1990's from a co-worker. The main power amp (M-60) is still going strong, but about a year ago the C-60 preamp's right channel started flaking out. And my wife pointed out that I have no need for such a big amp anymore. So I'm hoping someone would be interested in either buying both and fixing the C-60 or just using the M-60 with a different preamp.

The M-60 power amp works fine on both channels. It says 520 watts on the back, although I think it may be limited to 160 per channel (there are 3 speaker outputs). There are no manuals with it. It can also be used in 'auto class A' mode. (Photo links below.)

The C-60's problems, in case you're interested: The right channel went crackly, recovered, and now has gone almost totally silent. Also the phono 'record to tape' output hasn't worked since I bought it. The phono output works fine for playing LP's, just the path from phono to the tape out is silent. All the other tape out paths work.

I'll ask $275 for the pair of them. Feel free to make an offer for less if you think that's too high. Shipping is extra.

I'm located in Rochester, New York, USA. I have no idea what it costs to ship this. If you're interested, send me an email and we can figure out the shipping cost. FYI the C-60 weighs 13 pounds and the M-60 weighs 33 pounds, without packaging.

- Sean Donnelly
P.S. I am new to diyaudio, but my Ebay account uses the same id (rainzoneman) so you can check my feedback on there, if that's an issue.

dantheman2 28th November 2009 01:59 PM

how much
how much for just the m60??? is it as good as the m80?????

rainzoneman 28th November 2009 10:34 PM

How does $225 sound (plus shipping)? I have no experience with the M-80. It's listed as higher watts per channel (250 W vs. 160 W for the M-60).
I googled and found this review of the M-80:
Yamaha M-80 Power Amplifier Reviews


jeneses 30th November 2009 10:08 AM

Hi there, would you consider to send them to UK? Thanks Tom

rainzoneman 30th November 2009 02:07 PM

I'm not against it, but I think the shipping would be prohibitively expensive. I did a quick check with the carriers I know (Fedex, UPS, US Postal Service) and they seem to only show air rates, which are ludicrously high. For just the power amp I entered 35 pounds, and the shipping came up in the $300 range! So it would only make sense to send it by sea. I can look into those options (someone suggested later if you're interested. Even by sea I'd be surprised if the shipping came out under $100. Plus, anything I've ever received by sea smells like mold when it arrives. I would try to pack it sealed in plastic, but I'm just saying...


jeneses 30th November 2009 04:24 PM

Yes, you right. The air rates are very high, however the the USPS (USPS Priority Mail International) offers better rates, saw some others selling goods overseas they come out around $100 for similar amps. I am not shure about sea - would not want them to be flooded. :-) Cheers

rainzoneman 30th November 2009 08:45 PM

I don't know how I missed this, but you're right, the USPS Priority Mail International is cheaper. 35 pounds shows $129.50. I'll measure the amps more closely when I get home tonight and see if they fit under the PMI limits (Max. length 60", max. length plus girth combined 108"). I assume you're just interested in the power amp (M-60)?

jeneses 1st December 2009 06:00 PM

I would be intrested in both but ot depends on the shipping cost. Thanks

Doomlord_uk 2nd December 2009 05:32 PM

jeneses - I got an M-80 shipped from the US for about $100 recently. It's US voltage only but I wanted it for spares, although now it seems I might be able to get it fixed actually! (I didn't need the spares and the damage actually seems to be nothing more than broken binding post mounts).

The main thing with these amps is that they are surprisingly heavy and easily dropped by the knuckle-dragging morons in the postal services - both the Yamahas I have were damaged this way, resulting in damage to the binding posts, case and in one case the PCB they're mounted on. So make sure they are very well packed in case of being dropped. In particular plenty of packing around and behind the speaker posts is essential IMO.

If you're shipping one yourself you might as well look out for one that has a voltage selector that includes UK voltage and 50Hz frequency - some have them, some don't. Probably easier and cheaper than buying a convertor.

rainzoneman 3rd December 2009 10:34 AM

Since I posted this for sale I've looked into the amount of packing necessary to prevent damage. I had no idea. This link set me straight:
They suggest a box within a box, each one full of heavy styrofoam.
Given all that packing effort, and the potential for the amp to arrive damaged in spite of it, I decided to try and sell these amps locally.
The fact that Doomlord's experience was that both of his Yamahas arrived damaged tells me that I'm making the right decision.

Thanks all!

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