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cuibono 25th April 2009 04:09 PM

FS: SuperReg, Kwak clock, noise shunts
I'm cleaning out some of my drawers, and thought someone else might be interested in some of this stuff. I have 4 'super regulators', for use in building very low noise power supplies, based on the ALWSR design (Andy L Weekes Super-Regulator), 3 Kwak Clocks (designed by Elso Kwak), used to get more precise clocking in digital equipment (esp. CD players), and 5 little 'noise shunts', also used to reduce noise in power supplies. I built all these from scratch, and have used most of them, but I have to warn, they will all take some amount of know how to implement them - they are not 'plug and play'. Here is a little more info:

cuibono 25th April 2009 04:18 PM

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Here are the power supply regulators, based on the ALWSR. I have four built - two that work with +5V supplies, and one each for a positive and negative supplies of over +/- 5V. On this page you can find the manual for these, which explains why there are different boards for different voltages. This manual is also necessary for installing them. Remember that this is not a beginner project, and modifying something with these will take some work and know how - so please don't hold me responsible if you can't! I'd like $35 for each, or $100 for all four.

cuibono 25th April 2009 04:21 PM

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Another pic - not exactly pretty, I know. I will supply the Eagle files for these to whoever buys them, which will be helpful in figuring out what I've done here.

cuibono 25th April 2009 04:27 PM

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Here is one of three Kwak Clocks up for sale (the other two are still in my computer). Similar story as above - these take some know how to install, and I'll supply the manual and Eagle files for them to help you out. Expect to need an analog scope to get them running well - there is a trimmer that needs to be adjusted, and you need a scope to see what's going on. And don't forget you use the crystal from your device in the Kwak Clock - the one in the picture doesn't come with it. $50 each.

cuibono 25th April 2009 04:34 PM

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Here are the noise shunts - I built these based on this article, but never used them - so these are still experimental. I talked with two people who are 'experts', and one said they worked and the other said they didn't. I didn't pursue it farther, so I expect someone will buy these just out of curiosity. There is a related thread here. If they work, they would be pretty handy. I'll sell them all for $10 plus shipping, including the Eagle files.

cuibono 6th December 2010 10:00 PM

I still have the super regulators and Kwak clocks available. Email me for quickest responses - peglegpatrick aaatttt gmail dot commm.

cuibono 7th December 2010 11:13 PM

Everything in this thread is SOLD! Thanks!

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