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Andypairo 28th February 2009 01:08 PM

FS Original Electrocompaniet AW100 DMB amplifier boards
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Hi all,
these boards come from a amplifier sold to a friend of mine as a "AW65" Electrocompaniet amplifier.

The amp, however, was a sort of mixup of original electrocompaniet boards belonging to different series of amplifiers.

I searched a lot before finding from which models the boards were actually from (this becasue the silkscreen was very misleading) but now I'm pretty sure of their origin.

All components are original and working, they just were not made to go together!

up for grabs I have:

-2* AW100DMB amplifier boards, in perfect working order.
One PCB is marked "ELECTROCOMPANIET AS 120-R5" and the other "ELECTROCOMPANIET AS 120-L5". Left and right PCB are mirrored and intended to be mounted onto a mainboard that contains also the power supply and anti-bump relay.

-2* AW-65 Servo-delay boards, marked "ELECTROCOMPANIET AS SERVO/DELAY BOARD:AW65T"

-2* AW65/AW100 power supply boards (PS200L). This boards seem to be used on both models. Probably minor differences in some component values.

Pic of the board that sdhows the placement of the output BJTs

Andypairo 28th February 2009 01:11 PM

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This is the servo-delay board

Andypairo 28th February 2009 01:13 PM

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This is the power supply - I changed the caps because they were runnng above nominal voltage (thanks to the "seller")...

Andypairo 28th February 2009 01:15 PM

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Here I have a photo from actual AW100 amplifier, showing the identical power supply board

Andypairo 28th February 2009 01:24 PM

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Last pic, the internals of a real AW100DMB.
Notice the amplifier boards mounted on the mainboard and the big heatsinks. These are identical to the ones I have.

One word about prices: the boards were scrapped because they just can't properly work together, but will perfectly fit as spare parts for defective amplifiers.
I'm not greedy and will accept reasonable offers, trade inquiries are welcome.



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