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ben12345 17th October 2008 08:13 PM

Wanted: Old Audax drivers - HIF 13J
I'm looking for a replacement pair of older audax 5 inch drivers,

They are the squared off frame type, and I can just about make out HIF 13J 18? the last digit is very feint, so could be a 6 or an 8.

These are from an old (1974) set of transmission line speakers that i'l like to get going again.

Hope someone can help, or maybe even suggest a modern alternative.

tsmith1315 18th October 2008 04:41 AM

Do they need to be reconed, or just need surrounds?

IMHO, it's a lovely little 5" woofer, who made the TL?

ben12345 18th October 2008 09:46 AM

They are 'Omal Ambionic TL6' speakers. Omal was an English company, who are no longer with us.

They are quite unique in the fact that they have two sets of mids and tweeters per speaker, one set facing the front, and one to the rear, so they were 'direct/reflexing'. In the literature, they claim that they make use of the HAAS effect.

So in essence, the speakers use 4 of the Audax HIF 13J, but only 3 were present, and only 2 work. So I have one that could be repaired, but still need another at a minimum.

I've never had the bass units out, and the literature only say that they are a special 14"x9" oval unit, Fs 30Hz, 150,000 maxwells flux, and die cast chassis. So the manufacturer of these are unknown to me.

phillh 31st October 2008 06:47 AM

omal ambionic tl6
hi there i read that you have information, we have a pair of tl6 which my dad bought when they came out back in 74 / 76? and they still doing the business currently either side of our SONY 52 lcd tv. I would be very interested to know of other users of these speakers and also would be very interested in obtaining a copy of any manuals/ info on these as we have recently played with positioning and found that having the bass speaker side in to a corner works best for modern music and films, but i am guessing that really they were designed for the top mid / high to be to the rear given they are slightly angled and this indeed as wikipedia staes and i quote "For a time in the 1970s, audio engineers used the Haas effect to simulate that a sound was coming from a single speaker in a stereo sound system, when it was actually coming from both. This was to compensate for the fact that a sound coming from a single speaker would be 3 dB lower in volume than a sound coming from both. This technique has problems if the stereo sound is mixed to mono, as a comb filter effect would occur. Also, the aesthetics of sound mixing changed to exclude the use of solo instruments emanating from a single corner of the sound field in most popular recordings." if indeed you play pink floyd or tubular bells these are the daddys you can hear that this is what these speakers were built to do. hand in glove. maybe i will get some photos on line for everyone who has never seen these, also does anyone know of any of these for sale dead or alive as we need grills and it would be nice to have a second set for our music room project we are working on.

ben12345 31st October 2008 08:10 PM

I have all of the original literature for mine, including user manual, brochure, original invoice (Serial number 16 and 196 in 1974!!) etc all in mint condition :)

With regards to which way around to have the speakers, the manual states:
'The most accurate stereo image is obtained in direct mode with the rear channels attenuated. However, many listners (especially women, who are generally more sensitive to treble than men) prefer a more spacoius diffused treble, and consider the omnidirectional mode the most natural; maximum diffusion of treble is obtained when the front facing units are attenuated.'

Then in the sales brochure they summarise:
'When it sounds right to your ear, it is right'

The speaker grilles on mine are just sheets of hardboard with speaker grille foam glued one one side, attatched to the speaker cabinets with velcro, so very easy to make replacements.

I really need to get mine up and running and have a good listen!

I look forward to seeing pictures of yours.

phillh 2nd November 2008 01:33 AM

ah but which is front and which is rear? i am guessing the mid/tweeter angled are rear and side with woofer on front.

pics to follow

ben12345 2nd November 2008 10:48 AM

Yeah, the side with the woofer is the 'Direct Mode' and the side with just the mid and tweeter at the top is the 'Omnidirectional Mode'

My speakers have this silkscreened at the bottom of the speakers, by the attenuating controls.


audio fanatique 24th December 2012 07:15 AM

SPEAKERS omal model tl6
hello all and any I wonder if anybody has these SPEAKERS omal model tl6 I would like to have the manual ? I have a pair Omal and I would have picture SPEAKERS? Please thank you very much eric

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