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jpruden 30th July 2008 01:22 AM

The "For Sale" Thread
Hi guys,

How would we (collectively) feel about posting Car Audio for sale items in ONE thread?

I've got a bunch of stuff that I'm planning on selling off and I think I'd rather give you guys a shot at it before wasting time with the Trading Post or posting it all on eBay. It would give us a place to post that is SPECIFICALLY for Car Audio related gear.

So... whadda you think?


tomtomjr 30th July 2008 03:36 AM

Anything old-school that you are selling? Or just newer stuff?

amc32 30th July 2008 04:29 AM

Any offers for a (PPI Based) G&S Designs Competition series 150
Excellent condition fit and finish.

jpruden 30th July 2008 03:35 PM

A bunch of old school stuff: Sony Mobile ES, Audio Control, Boston Acoustics, MB Quart...

Some newer stuff: JL Audio, Behringer, Sony

Some broken stuff: Sony

Some test stuff: AudioControl spectrum analyzer, Oscope

I'm mostly checking to see if everyone's OK with doing it... if no one objects, I'll post the whole pile... into this ONE thread. I really don't want our forum to end up as a swappers paradise. ;)

amc32 30th July 2008 04:55 PM

price for RTA and Scope

jpruden 7th August 2008 12:12 AM

FS: Old school and more...
An apology on the o'scope... turns out these aren't worth the metal they're made out of (on eBay they're going for something like $20 and shipping will be more than that) so I'm going to donate it to a local non-profit rather than stress about shipping it.

Prices do not include shipping from 94545. Feel free to make an offer... worst I could do is say no. If you'd like to check on me, my eBay handle is jpruden. Anything not sold in a week will go to eBay.

Audio Control SA-3050A
Spectrum analyzer with printer and battery options. Includes carrying case, manual, microphone, mic cable, short cable with alligator clips (for doing stuff with the high level input) Battery is worn out... replacement cells are about $30 (2 x $15).

Behringer DSP8024
Everything but the kitchen sink processor. Read all about it here:
This has NEVER been hooked up to power. I bought it to integrate into my car system and got distracted for a few years... and now I'm selling it off.

MB Quart QM 218.02 160 mm speakers
Brand new, never installed or even taken out of the box. SQ monsters...

Sony MDX-C8970 Minidisk head unit
Brand new, in the original box.

Sony MDX-C8900 Mobile ES Minidisk head unit (good condition)
Includes head unit, mounting cage, wired remote. Can control external Sony processors.

Sony CDX-C910 Mobile ES CD head unit (good condition)
In original box with wired remote. Can control external Sony processors.

Dynaudio MD140/2 midrange drivers (x2)
Purchased for a system that never happened... I bought them used. In original Dynaudio boxes
$200 for the pair

Dynaudio MW160 midbass drivers (x2)
Purchased for a system that never happened. Used for awhile as rear fill in my system... until I saw the light...
$200 for the pair

Dynaudio MD100 tweeters (x2, sort of)
Used for a long time in my car system. One of the tweeters was a little squished in the install and stopped working after a year. The other one works great. So, I'll send both tweeters in their original box, but I'll tell you ahead of time that one of them is not working...
$75 for the working one, broken one free with purchase of working one...

That's it for now... more later when I get it out of the garage. I know there's more Sony stuff out there... at least a couple of CD changers. I may list my current system. I have a JL Audio 10W6 out there somewhere along with an Alpine 12"R series sub in a Parts Express box. I also have a JL Audio 8.3 Microsub... or three 8W6 drivers...

Dynamiteroll 29th August 2008 10:09 AM

Hi. Is the DSP8024 still available and does it come with the ECM8000?

I can pay via Paypal with shipping to 98281. My ebay ID is heelgrind if that helps.

cheers and thanks.

ppia600 29th August 2008 03:46 PM

WOW, that is cheap for the sony units! Someone here was looking for a 910 as well.

jpruden 29th August 2008 04:03 PM

Considering how much I spent on them just to keep them in my garage for all these years... yep, those prices are pretty good. ;)

The 910 did get some use, but I moved to an 880... and will soon install a C90.

I've only gotten one bite so far, so I guess this For Sale thread is pretty much a bust.

ppia600 29th August 2008 04:14 PM

I would suggest ebay... but I got screwed on two amps I just sold. One sold for a little less than I paid (I had to repair it as well) and the ppi 2180am sold for $78. I paid more for that amp broken AND ordered parts for it and repaired it. That guy definately got a bargain. The sony 2252hx monster one ohm stable amp sold or fortysomething dollars, what a shame. From now on, I won't be buying them to repair and resell. :(

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