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brox 5th March 2007 04:43 PM

Best 10 inch sub drivers for sealed enclosure
Hello All,
First post for me, love this site!

I am looking for opinions on the best 10 inch sub driver on the market. I currently have 4 separate sealed sub boxes with older "Peerless" drivers that I use in my home theater.

I will feed each 10 with about 400 watts/rms and I want subs that I can drive HARD and LOW with little to no distortion.

I would appreciate anyone's opinion!


zuki 5th March 2007 04:48 PM

what size is each box ?

can build you a speaker for each of the enclosures you have already.

Cal Weldon 5th March 2007 04:48 PM

Hi brox and welcome.

I'll let you in on a secret. The best 10" subs are actually 15" ;)

You have asked a very subjective question. What does best mean to you and what is your budget?

You are aware that every driver unit has a specific set of parameters that you use to determine the box size? You are aware you don't just buy another sub and put it in your existing boxes?

pjpoes 5th March 2007 06:48 PM

If you would give us the dimensions of the boxes, how they are built, material, thickness, bracing, dampening, etc. That would be helpful. Then, what is the 400 watts rms into, what load. Better yet would be to let us know the amp itself, if its a DIY amp, a plate amp, or something else. This will help us help you pick some new woofers. Also, what are these "older" peerless woofers. How old is older, some of their drivers are still pretty good by modern standerds.

None the less, for what you are asking, I think that there are lots of good choices. Many here will recomend the Dayton Line from Parts express, I myself have used extensivly the RS line of subwoofers and have been blown away. They put them on sale all the time for pretty cheap, at least twice a year it seems they come down to almost 100 bucks for the tens. They have very low distortion, lots of output for the money, and will handle the power no problem. There are other ten's that will have greater xmax, greater power handeling, etc. but given our power, I think these are more than good enough.

I must say, you might be a good candidate for a ported box. You can have very low distortion from a ported box, excellent sound quality, and will get deeper bass, and greater efficiency. These sealed boxes may even be large enough to be turned into ported boxes with the right woofers. For instance you can use the ten inch Dayton RS series woofers, the one designed for greater output, in a 1 cubic foot box ported in the I believe mid to upper 20's. It will give more output, is more efficient, and still will have very low distortion. There are a lot of other options though.

If budget is a major concern, and with 4 woofers, it can be, there is a guy on this forum who started a speaker company that has some of the best woofers I have seen for so cheap. As some have said, they are too cheap really, and the price will probably go up. I would have to run the numbers to see how they would work for you, but for not a lot of money, they might be the best value option. I can't say they would sound as good as some much more expensive woofers, but at the price, who cares. Also, with 4 speakers, the distortion will be lower simply because you aren't running any single speaker as hard to get the desired output.

FastEddy 5th March 2007 06:58 PM

Cheap and reliable ...

I have one of these 12 inchers in a sealed ~ 5 cuft sealed box driven by MOSFET 400 watt modules (from active low pass crossover ~ 100 Htz.) and can report a very tight response, solid bass. I chose these "road worthy" el cheapo's 'cause I didn't want my nieces and nephews crankin' 'er up and blowing it out = can't happen.

:cool: & ;)

Other models:

(Cal is right though ... the best 10" sub is 15")

Duck-Twacy 5th March 2007 07:02 PM

Are these still in the market?

FastEddy 5th March 2007 08:26 PM

Ask Yoshi :


brox 6th March 2007 06:34 AM

Thanks for the input, let me elaborate a bit.

I purchased the four passive subwoofers for cheap awhile back. They are made by Triad and are at least 10 years old. They were intended to be in-wall subs but I have them stacked 2 high in opposite corners of my theater room.

Each of the four enclosures are 11x14x19, about 1.70 cubic feet. The are made of 3/4 inch mdf and lined with 1 inch yellow foam.
The enclosures are heavy and well made so I want to keep them and build my drivers around them, if possible.

I don't know much about the drivers, all I know is they are made by Peerless and are 8ohm 10's with a max output of 220watts, don't know rms.

I push the four subs with a Buttkicker BKA1000. I have the four 8ohm subs wired in parallel showing a 2ohm load. Now, I'm not exaclty sure what the power ratings are for this amp. Their website claims 1900 watts at 2ohms but they don't state if it's continuous or max. I've seen various websites list this output as RMS but even if it is max, I would guess the rms to be around 800 or 200 per speaker under a 2ohm load.

I must say that I am very impressed with the amp so far, the speakers perform very well and are more than perfect for normal viewing, but I always want more!! I can turn the amp up to maybe 50% before the speakers begin to fail during heavy bass scenes. This is why I am looking to upgrade the drivers.

Sorry for the long post, I hope this answers some of the quesitons you had. I look forward to your replies!!

zuki 6th March 2007 09:49 AM

write to and tell them you want 4 -10" woofers which fit in that size enclosure and they need to handle a little more power. with a efficient coil design.

they will build you 4 woofers that has/have lower freq extension than your peerless drivers can give, and the woofers will have more excursion and look and are heavier duty.

it sounds like you have more than enough power. but have a musicaly designed sub being used for big movie impact.

maybe your sub amp has a boosted freq range and over drives the woofer at certain freq's.

another route would be sell the 4 10" boxes and build two 15" woofer cabinets and ......................................thats not what you want to hear.................but fi knows woofers

atleast you know what size cabinet you are working with.

and power you have.

sell the peerless' and put towards 4 new tens

FastEddy 6th March 2007 06:09 PM

brox : Do you mean these? : ??

:cool: ... looks like they were meant for a custom sealed box as you say:

Cabinet Dimensions:
Width 13-1/2" (34.3cm)
Height 13-1/2" (34.3cm)
Depth 9" (22.8cm) ... = about ~ 1.7 cuft ... solid choice.

Can you hear any difference with and/or without the yellow foam ?? :smash:

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