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vikashG 30th January 2007 05:14 AM

help with design.. please
hi so i thought i was going to use the peerless xls10 and passive radiator in a 30litre enclosure.... but i have got the go ahead for a large box as long as it can be finished off as a table

so im going to use an eminence lab 12 in a 100 litre enclosure

the ports are 100mm diameter and 837mm in length.... now i got all of this from winisd and the graphs looked good and port speed wasnt much....

this is very similar to the design available on the eminence website..

i need help deciding on the port location... was thinking of having them firing out of the same side or might have one on either side....any opinions?

also bracing.... i have a 350 plate amp.. sealed in its own volume and next to it will be a cavity for sand (hasnt been added to the design yet)

the braces in the diagram either side of the subwoofer are they okay?
obviously i will drill circular holes in them for the ports to pass through but also holes so the subwoofer can see the whole volume...

will this design be okay? any improvements?

thank you for looking

infinia 30th January 2007 03:01 PM

Not much surface area left on bracing to allow the woofer to breath into the ports. This could effectively make the ports seem longer.
How about moving the plate amp to the opposite side as shown and incorporate some of the dead space in the woofers enclosure. This would give more surface area on the brace which is closest to ports inside.
BTW.. very nice drawings. What software did you use?

richie00boy 30th January 2007 03:16 PM

What is your tuning frequency? One port might be enough.

Agree on moving the amp to make better use of the space.

vikashG 30th January 2007 06:18 PM

hey thank you for the replies....

dont laugh... i'm using google sketchup

the ports are tuned to 25 hz i think
it works out to a similar size to the eminence paper on their website for the ports...

for the port diameter i was thinking of using 100mm diameter and using winisd it works out to 837mm in length? is this correct?

the sketch i have made is rough and wanted ideas

i will try and rearrange the braces so i get the amp on the other side and more space for the subwoofer roughly 100litres of space..

richie00boy 30th January 2007 07:57 PM

I calculate using one 103.6mm ID (110mm soil pipe from Wickes) vent, tuning a 100 litre box to 25Hz requires a 329.5mm long vent.

vikashG 30th January 2007 08:45 PM

thanks for the sizes for the port didnt know.. havent had time to go to wicks...

i calculated using that size port but tuned to 22.7 hz same as winisd and have put it into my new drawing...

is it okay to put the brace where it is in this or is there another sugestion?

could i have the port going through the brace so i move the brace away from driver and still have all the small holes ?

richie00boy 30th January 2007 09:28 PM

I'd put a few more holes in the brace. The vent could go through the brace if you wanted, but as long as there is good airflow through the brace it shouldn't really matter.

As your box is quite long I'd be tempted to have two braces along the length.

vikashG 30th January 2007 10:42 PM

okay hopefully this is better...

just want to make sure it is braced enough..

thank you for the input

badman 30th January 2007 10:53 PM

Looking good thus far. The vent is best done through the brace, as shown, to keep it from resonating (glue it to the brace). There's always more you can do, either by more bracing or adding more material on the main walls. I suggest a couple more braces here and there, even if only in the form of 'ribs'. Box can never be too stiff.

vikashG 30th January 2007 11:06 PM

true still got a lot of space to play with but the speaker area is about right now... the volume should be very close to 100litres.

where the plate amp goes i will leave an are so i can fill with sand
also i will be using 22mm mdf....

if anyone wnats i can upload pictures when i have finished making the sub

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