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kyselym 13th December 2006 11:45 AM

how low can go with beyma 15K200?please help
I got good offer for beyma 15K200. If I use them for subwoofer how low I can get with it? I would like to bulid sub to be able to go down to 20Hz if possible. Do you think it would be possible with these drivers?

My limits:
max 160Liter volume
max 2x beyma 15K200 or 1x 18LX60 or 1x 15LX60
max 800W to 4Ohm amplifier (can go even for 2Ohm impedance with somearound 1200W) to go with equalization(if needed)
would prefer one box instead of two but this is no big restriction.

no matter if those 15K200 will be in isobaric compound or normaly placed.

I made few simulations in winisd and with 160L 20Hz tunig in isobaric compound (2x15K200), one box and had around -12dB at 20Hz

can you give me some advice?is it worth?

my current system consists of 5 x DD8mkII with 5 x 60W amp (and I want this sub to complement them)
also have two subs with L26 but I want more impact and go a bit lower (now -3db at 44Hz)

please help me :)

bjorno 15th December 2006 04:06 AM

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can you give me some advice?is it worth?

Study these simulations; the first is a conventional compound reflex box with the Beyma.

Second/third picture is a double reflex, a DBR is somewhat larger that instead goes lower into the infra region.


bjorno 15th December 2006 04:07 AM

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bjorno 15th December 2006 04:09 AM

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kyselym 15th December 2006 09:26 AM

Bjorno : thank you very much for response :) It will take some time to study it :) but I will surely have some questions :) may I contact you by email? I cant find your email, can you contat me here: benj (@) ? just send email with subjet 15K200 please as I have your :).

bjorno 17th December 2006 09:06 AM

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Hi kyselym,

Post your immediate questions to this forum if you have any regarding my simulations.
You will find many members are more than competent to interpret MJK: s simulation programs.
I think you really should put your questions here in the first place.
Other members may benefit from your findings and can certainly help you, when as now, Iím mostly absent and donít have much time left writing posts before Christmas.
If you can be content with my excuse and have questions that can wait, I promise to mail you later if you still wish.


also have two subs with L26 but I want more impact and go a bit lower (now -3db at 44Hz)
Forgot to post a simulation I made some time ago with the L26 that I believe is a quality driver. The L26: s should be a good match your 5 DD8mkII: s if used in a well-designed cabinet.



bjorno 17th December 2006 09:08 AM

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bjorno 17th December 2006 09:11 AM

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bjorno 17th December 2006 09:13 AM

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bjorno 17th December 2006 09:15 AM

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