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Davlaf 3rd November 2006 04:21 PM

subwoofer project, which subwoofer?

I just started to think about a new project: a subwoofer. My amplifier will be a 500 watts rms powered amplifier with 4 ohms charge from parts express

BASH patented amplifier technology was developed to offer extreme amounts of power without the wasted heat and energy of traditional amplifier designs. Add to this an intelligent circuit design, and you get benefits such as extremely low distortion and high signal to noise ratios. The combination of clean output and high power makes the BASH amplifiers some of the best sounding subwoofer amplifiers on the market.

Features: 50 to 150 Hz low-pass crossover, 0 degree or 180 degree phase, line level inputs, speaker level inputs, line outputs, master on/off switch, auto on.

Specifications: 500 watts RMS @ .5%THD into 4 ohm load. Signal to noise ratio 105 dB A-weighted, Dimensions: 12" W x 8" H x 3-1/2" D.

* High power output in a compact, lightweight design
* Speaker and line level inputs for connection to any stereo
* Limiting circuit prevents audible clipping and protects woofers
* Auto On/Off and phase reversal switch


Now I don't know which subwoofer driver I want to use. I think my choices stopped on thses ones: a pro subwoofer

Recommended for vented, sealed, and horn-loaded professional audio enclosures as a subwoofer. The driver features long-throw construction with a heavy-duty 12-spoke die-cast aluminum frame and Kevlar® reinforced paper cone. In a horn-loaded configuration, a pair of these 12" drivers can produce bass output comparable to 6 or 8 conventional 18" woofers. Also great as an automotive sub.

Specifications: *Power handling: 400 watts RMS/800 watts max *VCdia: 2.5" *Le: 1.48 mH *Impedance: 6 ohms *Re: 4.29 ohms *Frequency range: 25-125 Hz *Magnet weight: 160 oz. *Fs: 22 Hz *Sensitivity: 89.2 dB 1W/1m *Vas: 4.4 cu. ft. *Qms: 13.32 *Qes: 0.39 *Qts: 0.38 *Xmax: 13 mm *Dimensions: Overall Diameter: 12.32", Cutout Diameter: 10.98", Mounting Depth: 6.44".

* Double stacked 80 oz. ferrite magnets
* Copper voice coil on Polyimide former
* 12-spoke die-cast aluminum basket
* Kevlar® reinforced paper cone with foam cone edge
* Vented and extended core

this dual voice-coil subwoofer:

These DVC subwoofers are the most versatile drivers in the Dayton Loudspeaker line up. They were engineered to provide very good performance in sealed, vented, bandpass or even transmission line designs. The dual 8 ohm voice coils allow for use in a variety of applications and wiring configurations.

Each driver features a heavy gauge stamped steel frame, super stiff Kevlar impregnated paper cone, thick foam surround, flat progressive spider, vented pole piece, dual high power Kapton voice coils, heavy duty braided tinsel leads, rubber magnet cover, and high-quality pushbutton terminals. Made in the U.S.A. 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Specifications: (Note: All specifications are with voice coils connected in parallel.) Power handling: 350 watts RMS/per coil, 600 watts total * Voice coil diameter: 2" * Voice coil inductance: 1.81 mH * Nominal impedance: 8 ohm per coil / 4 ohm total * DC resistance: 2.69 ohms * Frequency range: 20-450 Hz * Magnet weight: 112 oz. * Fs: 21.7 Hz * SPL: 87.4 dB 1W/1m, 90.4 dB @ 2.83V/1m * Vas: 4.25 cu. ft. * Qms: 12.53 * Qes: .38 * Qts: .37 * Xmax: 15.1mm * Net weight: 18 lbs. * Dimensions: Overall Diameter: 12-1/4", Cutout Diameter: 11", Mounting Depth: 6-3/8", Magnet Diameter: 6-1/2".
and, finally, this one:

The legend continues... We took our most popular subwoofer driver and improved both its power handling and its performance. The 12" MKIII subwoofer is ideal for most home theater environments and will produce prestigious amounts of output in just about any listening room. Works great in sealed or vented enclosures, this is the woofer of choice for most rooms, offering outstanding performance and a reasonable box size.
Specifications: *Power handling: 500 watts RMS/700 watts max *VCdia: 2-1/2" *Le: 3.17 mH *Impedance: 4 ohms *Re: 3.07 ohms *Frequency range: 22-500 Hz *Magnet weight: 100 oz. *Fs: 22.2 Hz *SPL: 88.6 dB 2.83V/1m *Vas: 2.61 cu. ft. *Qms: 6.12 *Qes: .47 *Qts: .44 *Xmax: 18.7 mm *Dimensions: Overall Diameter: 12-1/2", Cutout Diameter: 11-1/8", Mounting Depth: 6-1/2".

* Power handling: 500 watts RMS/700 watts max
* Impedance: 4 ohms
* Fs: 22.2 Hz
* Xmax: 18.7 mm
* Sensitivity: 88.6 dB 2.83V/1m
* Qts: .44
* Vas: 2.61 cu. ft.

I think, they all have their advantages.

For the enclosure, I'm not decided. I don't know if I wanna build a bandpass enclosure or not. I think yeah, but I'm not sure.

Which driver would you recommend me?

Thank you,
David Lafleur

Lothar34 3rd November 2006 08:21 PM

Of those, the DVC.

Have you checked out the Peerless XXLS series?

Davlaf 4th November 2006 01:00 AM

Thank you for your fast reply, but I think the Peerless XXLS series is too expensive for me... So you would recommend me the dual voice coil connected in parallel?

Thank you,
David Lafleur

Lothar34 4th November 2006 04:50 AM

Yeah that's what I would get. I like paper cones for my woofers.

What's the price difference between it and the Titanic?

BHTX 4th November 2006 07:44 AM

Peerless 830845 12” XXLS Subwoofer: $196.65 from Madisound.

I currently have 2 15" Ascendant Audio Avalanches that I'm planning a project with to use with my Eminent Tech LFT-8a's and Golden Theater gear. I got both of these subs almost new, mint condition, for a total of about $300 on eBay. Even at original MSRP of $300 each, they were a pretty good deal, I think. If it were me, I'd seriously consider taking a look at the following...

...Specifically the Shiva, Tempest, and PR's to run with the Shiva, if you want to go that route...

...This guy has been selling the older TC9 and TC2+ on eBay off and on for quite a while. I dunno where he's getting them, but it definitely seems legit. I watch them come and go every day...

...The TC sounds TC2+, a STEAL at that price. I'd seriously consider this one if I were you!...

...The Dayton stuff, incase anything pops up. There's usually a couple things here and there...The DVC series and Titanics pop up pretty often and sell for dirt cheap. Several months ago, I got my hands on a Dayton HPSA 1000w plate amp (currently driving my Avalanche 15 with it). Anyway, the amp was brand new, factory problems with it whatsoever....for about $150-$200 less than what PE was selling it for then, which I believe was about $100 less than they're currently selling it for now.

If you ever decided to spend a bit more, the SoundSplinter RL-p series are great, too. However, I haven't seen very many on ebay lately... The performance gained, if any, would be marginal over a couple of the other subs listed for much cheaper.

...Just my $0.02. Take it for what it's worth to you, or take it for a grain of salt. I'm just a bored 22 year old with no life that's addicted to audio, and sits here looking at stuff all day every day. Eventhough I'm satisfied with my 2 AVA15's, among other things i have laying around this place...I still have a habit of searching for the same deals on eBay, at least once a day. I won't bid on them, but I'll just watch them to see what they sell for. In other words, I search for the above every day for probably close to a year or longer, lol. No reason really...just an addict.. :rolleyes:

Goodluck with your project.

BHTX 4th November 2006 08:06 AM

Oh, and I forgot to mention...the Dayton DVC IS a great little sub, too...for it's price. However, I think quite a bit more can be had for around the same price, or just a tiny bit more. Just didn't want to stray you away from it, as it is a good sub...probably close to the best bang for your buck if you want to pay "full price" to PE, which is still cheap. But yeah, consider some of the options above too though, and save yourself some money. I think you'd be happy with any of them. The TC2+ is near legendary for it's low distortion at it's cheap price point, which was was over twice of that eBay price there. I know you'd be happy with the Shiva...great all around sub, lots of potential, awesome bang-for-your-buck if you get it there...and with one of those PR's, that'd make a great sub. Those Tempest subs were great...similar to the Shiva, just more of it. Not exactly sure, but 2 of those Adire PR's would probably work nicely with it too. I'd probably just do ported with a Tempest, if it were me though. The Peerless line are great little performers, and the XLS and XXLS are very accurate musical subs...but you pay quite a bit more for what you get at first glance, although not much more, really. Personally, I think you'd be happiest with that Tempest in a vented enclosure, or the TC2+ if you wanted to do a sealed enclosure. Even the Tempest would do well in a sealed enclosure, actually. Just depends on the rest of your setup, and personal taste and preferences.


Davlaf 5th November 2006 09:16 AM


Thanks for the replys and the tips. The only thing is, that because I live in Canada I wasn't able to buy the TC2+ subwoofer... I trief but eBay cannot estimate the shipping fees...

If you see anything else thank you for advising me...
David Lafleur

dangus 5th November 2006 09:52 PM

You can get the Adire Tempest in Canada from, for a reasonable $159 plus $10 shipping (in Canadian $).
(or two for $310 with free shipping)

I don't think bandpass makes sense unless you're designing for SPL competition, or you're doing PA for a band and want the kickdrum as loud as possible, or you work for a company like B*se and have to get a lot of thump out of a $1 woofer.

As for the power amp, have you trolled around the local music stores and pawn shops for a used "pro" power amp? Sometimes you get lucky: I got a Behringer EP-2500 for $245 Canadian.

jonz 5th November 2006 11:55 PM

Dangus is right ..the Tempest is an ideal subwoofer.

I ordered 2 from Creative some time ago...and I am very happy with them..I am powereing them with a Crest(CPX 2600) pro amp at 700 per//I know it's overkill..but I got the amp at a good price...

my subs

Davlaf 6th November 2006 12:28 AM

Thank you for the response which is very interesting. But I think I don't have enought room for a 15" subwoofer... But the Adire Shiva Mark IV seems interesting... Or maybe not. So I have to chose between the shiva mark IV and the dvc12. What do you think about it? What woul you recommend me?

For the amp, I think I do a deal for the price (159$ us). If not... hummm... crap lol...

Thank you,
David Lafleur

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