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dream_noir 8th August 2006 04:33 AM

Canadian Loudspeaker Distributor?
I'm a novice at this whole speaker building thing. I'd like to build a subwoofer, something fairly simple, a sealed design with a 12" driver and plate amp. I have the woodworking experience necessary no problem, and well, I've been reading all I can on the subject of speaker design so I think I can handle all of the design and construction. However, I'm looking for a place in Canada I can find the driver and plate amp to build a sub with. Something like partsexpress, but well, based in Canada. With shipping and customs charges my last partsexpress order took a few weeks and cost almost $100 more than it should have. So is there anywhere online, or an actual store located in the GTA (preferably west GTA) that you guys can recomend to me? Thanks.

zlast 8th August 2006 05:37 AM

ostie01 8th August 2006 06:12 AM

Hi, you could try Madisson in Montreal at or in Ontario. Both have a good selection of speaker. I think are speaker manufacturer and have very good price.

Mikey p 8th August 2006 06:21 AM

Creative Sound Solutions has a special on right now. It's woofer and plate amp combo kits. They're based in B.C.

AJinFLA 8th August 2006 10:48 AM

These are some nice, lower budget units that should work just dandy.
Budget amp (shipping should not be too bad)



planet10 8th August 2006 07:02 PM

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Originally posted by ostie01
I think are speaker manufacturer and have very good price.
They have something to do with Marsland. I'd guess they either bought Marsland, or what Marsland has transformed themselves into. ISome of the drivers like the Linear B family have quite a reputation, and have been being made for at least 30 years...

Bob (at CSS) is someone i have done good business with... Cal says good things about McBride. Solen is good too, but be careful to compare their prices.


anatech 8th August 2006 07:10 PM

Hi Dave,
McBride bought the rights to the Marsland name from Leigh Engineering, but changed those speakers without telling anyone. The new speakers were very much inferior to the originals. I was doing a lot with them at the time and was spot checking T/S parameters. I stopped checking as often just before everything went downhill. The Image woofers were good. Linear B and VHP drivers became (another word for not good). Generally the guys at McBridge were good to deal with. They were originally the reps for the speaker line.

I'd rather use Vifa or Peerless from Solen. Big difference in driver quality and parameter spread from sample to sample. Yes, I know that Vifa was rolled into Peerless. More changes like this we don't need.


planet10 8th August 2006 07:17 PM


Originally posted by anatech
... but changed those speakers without telling anyone
Thanx, that is good to know.... i'll not be tempted to try some... i do have a set of original Linear B (4" i think) that are in need of surround...

Do you know if Marsland & RSC (Radio Speakers of Canada) had any relation?


Cal Weldon 9th August 2006 02:05 AM

loudspeaker dot ca is the address for Q components which used to be McBride. I have had good luck with them as Dave mentioned.

anatech 9th August 2006 02:58 AM

Hi Dave,
They switched manufacture to Cambridge Loudspeakers I think. These where the same guys that had a poor copy of the VHP series. Not a very compliant suspension compared to the real thing. The voice coil former was made of paper instead of the aluminum Marsland used.

RSC made very inexpensive stuff. Less robust that Cambridge even :dead: .

Your 4" jobs still had the aluminum vc and high temperature epoxy that was normal for the Leigh Engineering version of Marsland. They where a great little driver.

Remember all the Philips kits people used to sell? I sold them with Peerless or Marsland bass drivers. That made all the difference in the world. Philips only ever made a couple good woofers compared to Peerless or Marsland. I remember the discount king at our store brought in the RSC stuff for price points (and overcharged for them). I was never impressed.

Now the newer product that McBride brought out where better than what they did to the Marsland line (raped it). I never did understand why they destroyed such a solid line. Must have been profit motivated.


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