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bigandsexy68 27th July 2006 06:45 AM

Cerwin-Vega 189 E
I just reciently purchesed a set of Cerwin-Vega 189 E 18" Subs
I am trying to find out as much as I can about them but havnt had much luck. I have found out more here than anywhere else & I was hopeing somone would be able to tell me more.

I need to know how much power these subs can handle safely. I am sure that one has been rebuilt the 8 olm rating has been crossed out & 4 olm is wrote on the tag there is nothing on the other. Is there a way to check & see if both speakers are the same? If one is 4 & the other is 8 am I correct to assume that the 4 will handle twice what the 8 will?

My second question is the boxes that they are going in are not ported do I need to port them before I start using them?
The box demintions are aprox 20" x 18" x 24" if I do need to port them how much do I need?

I am very new to this & only have a basic understanding of it all any additional info would be greatly appreciated
Thank You

sreten 28th July 2006 04:22 PM

Fs 30.5
QTS 0.227
Qes 0.241
Qms 3.86
Vas 8.617 cu ft
xmax 5.2 mm
sd 165.1 sq inch
Bl 26.77
Pe 400
Z 8
Re 5

apparently designed for horn loading,
+ no the 4 ohm will not handle 2x power
+ it will have different specs Z, Re, Qes, Qts, (+ xmax ?)

Check Re with a multimeter to see if they are different.

You need to model excursion limited power handling in WinISDpro.


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