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masterjr33 25th June 2006 11:22 AM

hello! thanks for the info wf-30k
Ive been reading this site for a while now and im a very active reader.. but at this point i need to ask a few questions..
i have been into stereo equipent for a long long time. I have made my own boxes. wired my own systems and fully understand ohms and crossover designs.. but you guys here are throwing around some terms that have me lost.. your knowlage of the QS through XMMAX and other driver specifications are astounding. your ability to put these numbers into practical enclosure design is awesome.. can anyone here throw me a bone on some websites that go through these numbers. and will explain some on how to put them into practical use?
I'm going to be building my own home subwoofer system soon as my poor sub as of now is no match for my new loudspeakers.. i have atm a old kenwood WF-30K powered box. I picked it up for 10$ because of a dented-up dead driver. The orignal 8 inch stated 4 ohms on the back so i picked up a C-V vega series 8" a long time ago due to its advertised enjoyment of ported boxes and the very nice 93D/1W/1Ft as the built in amp was only around 80 watts this would get me a decent volume with the minimal power.
Last month i picked up 2 pair of older infinity SM series loudspeakers. The Db/W rating is 102. Im powering these with a Pair of bridged AMC 2445's. So yes.. the system is very very loud.but my poor old 80W 8" sub is doing nothing now. and looks very pitiful.

I recently picked up a MB Quart reference series 15" sub with 2ohm DVC's. im not sure how i will power it in the home yet. but im very sure it will really bring out the kick drums in my classic rock music. I'm looking at a old NAD 2400 THX or an AMC 2100 but neither of these are 4 ohm stable as i will need with this 2ohmDVC sub. But that is a question for later.. my first problem is building a decent enclosure for this mammoth.
I love the sound of a tight small sealed box with lots of power as I run a Polk Audio DB 12 in my auto with about 600W/max on it in a small sealed box,At home though i beleive i will get a better and deeper sound out of a larger ported box. Im just NOT a fan of port noise or over extending a ported sub on lower frequency's which will be this HT+zeppelin+bob seeger toy will be used for.
So after i dig up the specs on this mammoth i purchased is there a place i can go read more on all the terms and numbers and learn more how to corralate them into usable info.. im a very good reader, exspecially if im interested in the material. thanks again great site. just a little above my head atm.

GM 25th June 2006 03:11 PM

Greets! combined with the rest of this site and all its links will get you 'up to speed' on most of the basics of speaker design.


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