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steve_mak 11th April 2006 11:55 AM

Peerless XXLS 830845 suitability
Hi all,

I've just paid for 2 Peerless XXLS 12 inch 830845 subs. They are yet to be delivered. After doing my research and plugging numbers into equations I figure this sub is OK for sealed and ported designs with an EBP of 45.74 and a Qtc of 0.45.

Yet I have seen a few things in internet land that reckon these subs are only used in sealed apps.....

I am planning two ported boxes with a 4 inch port in each. The figures give me a 3dB at 18Hz or so and a size of 234 litres. Am I all wrong ?

Please don't tell me I've wasted money or that I really do need to go the sealed route ... !

Cheers !

Garbz 11th April 2006 01:22 PM

I was looking at these recently too. They would be great if the numbers are right for a ported box, but in a sealed system they gave me a corner frequency of 35Hz or even higher IIRC. A waste since my speakers can go that low.

Very interested in any response if these are suitable for a ported box.

rabbitz 11th April 2006 01:49 PM

The 830845 has been optimised for tuning in a small sealed enclosure and the info from Tymphany does show a sealed application as well as the data supplied to me as a reseller.

You could start trying a 100L or so vented box with Fb around 22Hz which would give a reasonable response..... depends on what you are after.

Just keep modelling and forget about the optimum that the software shows.... tailor the response to your needs.

For vented the more suitable drivers would be the 830500 or 830847 if you have the amp to drive the DVC in parallel.

simon5 11th April 2006 08:16 PM

There's no problems going ported with those drivers.

If you go at 200+ liters I would tune around 15-16 Hz, to have an EBS alignment.

steve_mak 11th April 2006 10:46 PM

Thanks guys,

From your responses, it looks a possibility !!

I'm new to the game so for me I can really only assume the figures spell out reality. Experience will tell me things I'm sure.

I'll go with the ~230 litre vented option and see what gives. The only reason I'm going with vented is to chase the low Hz. Otherwise my system is sealed.

I will check up on the other options mentioned though.

Thanks again,

Garbz 12th April 2006 04:13 AM

I'm in the same boat as you. I want my sub just to backup the last 2 octaves in the audible range i'm missing. The sealed enclosure puts the -3db point at around 40hz according to the app note. Well that's what my speakers do so ... that's kinda pointless.

Keep us informed how you go with this sub. The other option I was thinking of involved a passive radiator. But at an extra $200 for that part it was not really an option.:whazzat:

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