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MUPASTHECH 11th June 2005 07:33 AM

Displacement for Ascendant Audio Avalanche 18 inch subwoofer???
Wow, I spent alot of time designing an enclosure, and halfway through, I realized that I didn't factor in the displacement of the subwoofer. Their website doesn't list the displacement, or maybe I missed it. Anybody know the displacement???

theNoid 11th June 2005 09:40 AM

I would guesstimate close to .25 cubes. What type and tuning of an enclosure are you designing for it?


MUPASTHECH 30th June 2005 04:32 PM

Whoa, talk about a delayed response on my part. I am putting two of the 18s in my Durango. I have about 15.7^3 of space I can use, I want to shot for 7.5^3 of useable airspace for each sub. Tuning will probably be between 35 and 35... not sure yet though. Still waiting on them to arrive... I heard they shipped them yesterday, but I am not going to call and bug them about it, ill just wait a few days, since they are shipping from Crystal Lake Il, and I am in Rock Island, Il. It will probably take the slow pokes at the Fed Ex terminal a day or two to have those things SWAKed and on the way to me. I am extremely eager to get them. I will probably end up staring at them for a few hours before I even touch them.

MUPASTHECH 30th June 2005 07:55 PM

Allow me to correct myself... Tuning will be between 25 and 35 hertz...

Collo 1st July 2005 07:42 AM

I recently surveyed different driver sizes on the net and using the WinISD database.

Taking the average of the figures, an 18 inch driver is 6.5 litres

the full set:

08 inch 1.0 litre
10 inch 1.5 litre
12 inch 2.5 litre
15 inch 4.0 litre
18 inch 6.5 litre


paulspencer 2nd July 2005 05:52 AM

It's on their website as 6.5L if I recall correctly. Check the archive version! There is a link in their new site.

CBFryman 4th July 2005 01:41 PM

displacement of the driver not sweep displacement. :whazzat:

i used 0.3cuft for my calulation, if it is smaller then i just got tuned a little lower.

as per chad kuypers

"6 cubic feet @30Hz is about the starting point for the 18. Any larger and you dont gain much loudness just a little bit more bottom end. I know a guy that did 4.5cuft @30Hz and it was insanely loud"

as per guy with 4.5@30Hz
"it was insanely loud. it was great for music but lacked a little in the infrabass frequincies for movies and what not"

im doing 6cuft@28Hz in an extended cab B3000.

wangtastic :smash: they started shipping wednesday the 29th (i think the 29th) and if it hasnt shipped yet it will tuesday the 5th of july...or should. there is a message about it if yo ucall ascendant (recorded).

paulspencer 4th July 2005 02:28 PM


in that case, you can make a rough estimate looking at its dimensions, certainly as accurate as you are going to need.

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