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aevus 30th September 2004 05:25 AM

building home sub with car speaker? Well..
it's possible.

Some people will call me Heretic, but even if you are doubtfull, i have sold my pair of Adire tempest 15's and changed for two Audiobahn Alum15q without regret.

Adire are very good speakers tough, but cannot handle the power they claim.

I have made some modif on my two 9cu.ft. ported boxes and now i have more of the "sealed box" feeling but with the high efficiency of the ported ones. And the quality is very impressive, and i'm talking MUSIC listening, not only movies.

i'm using my set-up 70% for music and 25% for movies. Remaining 5% is for waking up my neighborhood by testing the system :clown:

However, if you are planning (secretly) to build home subwoofer using car speakers, i would highly recommend you to make some test/specs calculations before building the final set-up. There is 95% junk out there and many car speakers are focused on SPL (50hz +) which is not particulary good for home applications.

(will post pictures later)

good luck

aevus 30th September 2004 06:52 AM

Jennice 30th September 2004 06:55 AM

Onteresting... but whay power amp do you use?

Many car speakers are 2 or 4 ohm... does your amp like that?


aevus 30th September 2004 07:03 AM

i'm using actually RBH-200 subwoofer amplifier with 12db/octave continuously adjustable crossover (set @ 40hz at the moment)

the amp is hidden below the red chair, letting me adjust the volume easily.

I might need to upgrade but it seems to work well, even if it's not very powerful, it's perfectly balanced with my Classé cap-101 amplifier.

I'm very picky and the result is giving me satisfaction.

I might try JL audio or Infinity car speaker one of these day (the only other car sub's that i'm aware they sound good enough with right spec's for my boxes)

Boxes were originally designed for commercial use and i don't particulary like the ported boxes usually, i prefer sealed enclosures but it's a good match with my soundstage speakers, so...

Edit: Forgot to mention, the audiobahn alumQ15 are double voice coil 6 ohms, for 3 or 12 ohms configuration. I'm actually running the amp @ 1.5 ohms

There is many double voice coil car speakers so it is easier to achieve a good set-up with right impedence.

THOR 30th September 2004 09:23 PM

hi aevus
I have been preaching this for 5 years now but personally prefer sealed in small cabs of approx 1.4 cu ft. Two of the best i know of are the HSU Research ASW1302 and the Peerless XLS 12. Either one will get to 20 Hz at ~ 4 to 6 db down and the quality is there. i use a stereo pair and they will hit 103 Db @ 20 hz . if thats not enough use 4! LOL. The boxes are 16" cubes so really small:) 2 drivers are about $280 and 4 are about 560$. hers a complete design on the peerless ,with distortion graphs, the "critcally Q sub"
and the HSU
I am NOT into loud, my *MAX* is about 103DB, so a pair of HSUs @ ~ 43",
1 on each side of my listening chair do me just fine in a 12X30' room :) I prefer to preassurize the imediate listening space rather than the whole room. works a treat! there is practically no room interactions that are obvious as im in the near field and 9 feet from the nearest room boundry, which makes the direct path 43" and the closest reflected path 18 feet (2X9' :) There is a 6 'high X18 ' long bass trap on the nearest wall i face. so little prob there . Proper car subs are OUTSTANDING if properly used ! The 4 OHM load is NO prob for the old 200W / channel power amp i use .

khaosman 1st October 2004 01:06 AM

Re: building home sub with car speaker? Well..

Originally posted by aevus
Adire are very good speakers tough, but cannot handle the power they claim.

Well that is because the 650watt rating is thermal, not mechanical. When the sub is in an enclosure, it is much easier to bottom out the driver with substantially less power. 300watts or so is good for them, IMO.

Anyways, glad you like the Audiobahns. I haven't heard a lot of good things about them. My friend had one that snapped tinsel leads like twigs. They just kept replacing it and replacing it. His components had all sorts of problems too. Maybe he has really bad luck :D

aevus 1st October 2004 01:21 AM

I am not involved in car audio like i was few years ago, so i don't know much about new brands, but i know there is many made in China crap that are just focusing on bassheadz low budget students ;)

My alumq15 is made in china but this model is obviously designed by good engineers :)

I checked all others audiobahn models and only one other was "good enough" for me needs, its the top of the line model, can't remember the part# but it was like 3000w rating.

Few years ago i even replaced in bass guitar cabinet a 15" using JL audio 15w1 and the result was very impressive. JL audio are VERY good sounding speakers.

Originally, the cab's were filled with Adire tempest and hooked up on a PA QSC amp. One of them blew within 12 hours.

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