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AVaholic 15th January 2004 06:48 PM

Recommendation of 2 cu. ft. enclosure for Titanic 12" MKIII and Rythmik 350W Amp
Sealed or custom Mini-Thunder to be used 50/50 for music and HT?

SORRY, long post....

I currently have the 2 cu. ft. Custom Mini-Thunder with external measurements of 17" x 17" x 20" and is down-firing (the standard Mini-Thunder is 16" squared) which I've used with the original AV12 (sold with another cabinet), and the Rythnik Servo Amp/Driver (not enough punch for HT, and kept bottoming out). the Mini-Thunder really puts out with the AV12, but I decided to go with the better warranty of the Titanic.

NOW, after doing some more research, I've read that many people recommend the 12" MKIII with a "sealed" 2 cu. ft. enclosure. Which of course would be much better for music, I just don't know if it will be enough for movies. The Mini-Thunder actually does fairly well with music in my room, and I really don't want to deal with the hastle of selling it, unless it will be a marked improvement.

To give a little background:

My Mini-Thunder has dual 12" 970 gram PR's from Stryke audio and the cabinet is tuned to 20 Hz. Besides a substatial dip (11 dB) at 28 Hz, freq. is very flat between 17.5 Hz and 80 Hz within 4-6 dB. I know the dip is a result of room placement, but after I did a Freq. sweep of all available spots, it's the best positiion in my room. Plus the dip is very narrow, at 25 and 30Hz, it's within 3 dB. I had Parts Express run bassbox with the 12" MKII in the Min-Thunder box, and they said it was pretty flat from 100Hz down to 18Hz (within 3-6 db mostly, with a rise 8 dB from 50-80Hz), this of course does not factor in room placement with the nulls and peaks.

Because of room limitations the sub sits right behind the center of my couch (listening position) against the wall. The couch is out 2 ft. from the back wall in a room that has 3 walls (15 ft. x 12" by vaulted ceiling), with the fourth wall not being there and opening into family/kitchen/dining room. The total floor space of the combined rooms is about 25 ft. x 20 ft. with the vaulted ceiling going from 10 ft. to 13 ft. in the center. A VERY bad room, but with acoustical treatment, having the sub right behind the listening position, and mains that go down to 30 Hz, I have it sounding pretty good. And believe me when I had the AV12 installed in the Mini-Thunder it can shake everything in the room and really hits you in the chest even on a carpeted concrete floor!
So I know I don't need a bigger enclosure, at least not when using the Mini-Thunder.

But as usual I want better if I can, with what I have. That being the Titanic 12" MKIII and the rythmik amp. I already have the Mini-Thunder as I've explained, but given my situation (position of the sub, room constraints, and 50/50 listening preferences), would anyone recommend going to a downfiring 2 cu. ft. SEALED enclosure? I definately have to stay with the 2 cu. ft. size regardless (I just don't have the space for anything bigger), and I really prefer the downfiring cofiguration.

Unfortunately, an IB sub is not an option either, as I do a rent trade for being a caretaker. So the only options are the 12" MKIII with the Rythmic amp in the PR system of the Mini-Thunder, or a sealed downfiring 2 cu. ft. enclosure.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Best Regards,

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