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jerryo 3rd July 2013 04:51 PM

Distributed bass!
I've been looking into the "distributed bass" idea just recently so would like to find suitable bass drivers to use. I have been looking at the specs. for various drivers 8" in diameter and below and have not found many that would seem to suit what I have in mind.
This will be for music and not home cinema so "flat to 20Hz" is unnecessary and impossible to achieve with what I have in mind.
I want to keep the enclosures as small as possible (WAF) so 8", 6", or even less, if that is possible.
So, does anyone know of a particular bass driver that has a combination of small size, low VAS, and low Fs that might be suitable. I would like to try 3,4 or even more bass enclosures hidden discreetly around my room.


chris661 3rd July 2013 07:10 PM

The 6.5" Tang Band mini-subwoofer will hit 40Hz in around 12L volume, and thanks to its large excursion it will go rather loud. I found they need a decent amount of power (100w clean is usually enough) to get their full capability when the audio content demands.


Aleksrussian 3rd July 2013 07:24 PM

look into car audio woofers and then just get a 120 to 12v converter to plug in a car amp, you should have more variety particularly in the smaller un enclosed woofer range, depending on your budget I would go with a few JL 8W7's but im sure there are other equally as good 8's for less although that woofer will need a bigger box than you want I think but at the same time just 2 of them will be plenty for a room

jerryo 4th July 2013 04:58 PM

I had a look at the JL 8W7's, but they are well out of my price league. Shame that, I'll bet they would be well capable of doing what I want.
As for the Tang Band, are they available in the UK?
Any others?
Anybody else using the distributed bass idea?


Aleksrussian 4th July 2013 05:09 PM

Look into the JL 8W3v3 they are significantly cheaper and I've had a 12w3 before and it was really good quality sound, idk about the 8 though never heard it, also check your local classifieds and ebay (if there is one in UK) or if that still doesn't fit your budget go for some other brand 8 inch woofer the best you can afford, and keep in mind in general the more power the woofer can handle and gets the easier it will be to hit those low notes, of course efficiency is important to, look for a woofer with decent Xmax and handling.

If you don't have a very large room a high quality 8 inch subwoofer may be enough, 2 will be plenty but since you want a small box you will be limited to sealed boxes meaning output will be reduced... Also it's important that you buy an actually 8inch subwoofer not a 8 inch speaker... For example my klipsch rf-82's have two 8 inch woofers on them but they can't produce anywhere near the bass of a dedicated subwoofer of that size.

Edit: Looks like JL also makes a 6 inch w3 subwoofer, smaller box I'm sure other manufacturers do I'm just most familiar with jl stuff since I've had quite a few of their stuff.

Aleksrussian 4th July 2013 05:17 PM

There's no replacement for displacement so if you use several of 6 inch woofers it still won't sound as low or loud as a a good pair of tens or a 12 although you will typically get better mid bass and tighter more punchier sound at the cost of the 20-40hz bass

chris661 4th July 2013 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by jerryo (
I had a look at the JL 8W7's, but they are well out of my price league. Shame that, I'll bet they would be well capable of doing what I want.
As for the Tang Band, are they available in the UK?
Any others?
Anybody else using the distributed bass idea?


Tang Band W6-1139SIF - Lautsprechershop von blue planet acoustic

The ferrite version is still much cheaper than neodymium, so these would be the ones I'd go for.

I'd expect a decent quantity of these drivers to hit 30Hz without too much bother, though going much lower will be difficult.

... Unless you build the 25Hz tapped horn. :D


fury 5th July 2013 04:00 AM

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.

Alpine Type-R 8" subs would be my choice!

Grumpy_Git 10th July 2013 11:59 AM

This is something I would like to look at once I have my house sorted.

Other than the Tangbands from Blue Planet, the Daytons from Europe Audio seem a decent price. I've used the company in the past and they have been good to deal with.



jerryo 10th July 2013 06:53 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. I've been looking at them but I was hoping to find some cheap and cheerful drivers to test the principle, but I guess below a certain price point it's not worth the build time required.
Initially I would only be aiming to maybe getting a little below 40 Hz as I'm not bothered about earthquake and explosion effects on DVD shaking my innards! Anything below that would simply be a bonus.
I'm wondering whether anyone else has tried a distributed bass set up with 4,5 or even six small subwoofers? It's really all about making them disappear around the room whilst still generating bass output. Maybe it's a pointless task and therefore should settle for a couple of xls10's

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