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mantha3 14th April 2013 12:29 PM

3 way subwoofer
Right now I have 2 subwoofers. I built a JBL 4645 that has the 18" 2242H from JBL. I'll call this the Mid Range sub woofer. What it does it does well but it does not perform too well under the 25Hz. I then have a subwoofer I built with a 12" Morel in a 4.5 cu foot ported box . I'll call this the tweeter subwoofer. The combo of these two ported subs is nice as far as what I'm hearing.

What would work well in combo with these 2 for the low end? Something that I could run 35Hz down or something...

Etocynned 14th April 2013 06:12 PM

your looking for a large long throw driver in a long tapped pipe/tapped horn. probably going to be over 4 cu m, perhaps a 2.5 m long horn.

Why a tapped pipe/horn? Driver control and predictability. you will need a high pass at the low end.

Seen lots of threads with these designs extending into the teens.

Keep seeing that if you want deep bass recovery you need the following:

1. low fs, cutoff around .6 x fs
2. strong motor, gotta push a long heavy column of air
3. strong cone, gotta push a long column of air
4. huge xmax, don't want this driver to bottom and self destruct at low frequencies, long wavelengths( 15 hz is 22.9m long)
5. big power, see 2,3,4 above, but also you need to push over 100db to hear at 20hz as you do at 40hz.

All you lurkers feel free to rip my post apart as its just dragged up from my memory of lurking on hundereds of other topics.

Btw, you have asked a question that polarizes this forum endlessly, it occurs to me that theres a reason most horns are cutoff around 30-35 hz, below that thing become so subjective with perception and the limits of equipment that its hard to be declared absolutly right or wrong in your point of view.

Yet, this is where the hobby gets fun!

OscarS 15th April 2013 12:56 AM

why bother with all that complexity? Just get two of these and place them in an appropriate vented enclosure

Silent Screamer 15th April 2013 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by OscarS (
why bother with all that complexity? Just get two of these and place them in an appropriate vented enclosure

Just don't ask me to help you move them... that is some serious weight.

mantha3 15th April 2013 11:28 AM

What drive is that? TC Sounds?

adason 15th April 2013 01:02 PM

the title of this thread is misleading
you are using multiple heavily overlaping subs, this in no way qualifies as multi-way sub
I have seen commercial 2-way subs, but not 3-way
that is nonsense

vacuphile 15th April 2013 02:19 PM

Well, I never heard of a 3 way sub either, but why not? I might all sum up quite nicely, and it als might help to prevent setting off room modes by driving different frequency bands from different locations. But to get it to work might not be easy.

adason 15th April 2013 02:59 PM

having multiple subs in room is definitely improvement over one sub, no doubt about it...
but using 3 subs does not clasify as 3-way sub, in order to have 3-way sub, one would have to take 20-160 Hz range and split it to 3 regions and feed each sub with different fr range
I doubt thats what mantha3 has in mind, hence I was just pointing out that title is misleading

mantha3 15th April 2013 03:31 PM

It is misleading...

I would just have 3 ported subs... I think what I have is primarily lacking some lower end

I have a 4.5 cu foot box ported running a Morel Ultimate UW 1258 12" Subwoofer
Then I have the new sub I built with the JBL 2242. I have a pretty big room and I think I could build someting with the lower end in mind. I'd probably do a ported box to keep with what I have now.

adason 15th April 2013 03:42 PM

mantha3, have you thought about the option that you may need to place the subs better? very important for subs response is placement...are you aware of placement study where you put the sub in your listening position and measure fr response in various places of the room? the best fr response indicates where the sub should be placed
may be after very carefull placement, you may no need additional sub...
just a suggestion

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