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Patrick Bateman 20th February 2013 01:08 AM

$300 TH-50 Knockoff
I really <3 my TH-Mini "clone", but it doesn't play low enough*. But it's been my reference sub for nearly half a decade. I built my own 'homage' to the DTS-20, but it nearly killed me**.

Third time might be the charm though. Here's how you can build an alternative to the TH-50, for about $300.
First off, based on some information from here*** I believe this is the folding scheme of the TH-50. I may be wrong.

You can get the dimensions of the TH-50 from the PDF here:

This is not a small device. It's over 22 cubic feet, or at least the 'original' one is. My take on it is smaller.




Patrick Bateman 20th February 2013 01:27 AM
Here's what I believe is the driver in the TH-50 (MTX 9515)
Here's one with a custom finish
Here's the specs for hornresp
Here's the published response
Here's hornresp's prediction, using my 'guestimate' of the folding as pictured in post one, with the MTX driver. Looks pretty close I'd say - note the dips and peaks correspond.
Here's how you get the price down from $600 or so to half the cost. Alpine SWR-1522D is a car audio driver that seems to be exceptionally affordable if you buy it online. You might consider the Alpine because there doesn't appear to be another driver available in the world that combines this much output, at this price, with a flat BL curve. (IE there are a handful of drivers that put out more, such as the FI infinite baffle drivers, but they don't have a flat BL curve and the qts is too high for such a 'small' tapped horn.)
Here's the simulated response of the Alpine versus the MTX. The Alpine is a little bit smoother.

*** In order to get this response, I had to lower the depth of the enclosure ***
I reduced the enclosure volume by exactly one third. So instead of being 25.5" deep, the enclosure is 17" deep. In all other respects, the tapped horn is identical to the TH-50. Same folding, same length, same throat, same mouth, etc. Identical.

Patrick Bateman 20th February 2013 01:38 AM

To get the Alpine driver, just look on Google products. (Not sure if we're allowed to post links to resellers. It is currently available for less than $200, including postage.)
In the impedance plots, we see it's basically identical for both drivers.
The group delay of the Alpine is a little bit cleaner at the lowest frequencies
Excursion of the two drivers is basically identical, because they're both 15s. The MTX will get a bit louder, as it has about 50% more excursion. (That should be good for about 2 more dB of output.) But you can fit three of the Alpine tapped horns in the same footprint as two of the TH-50s would take, and the cost would still be lower, because the Alpine is selling for less than $200 per driver, while the MTX is more than twice as much. If you can find it. (It's been discontinued.)

Best of all, the Alpine has a flat BL curve.

TundraLTD 20th February 2013 02:42 AM

Looks good to me...

NEO Dan 20th February 2013 03:03 AM


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Why WHY are you linking to the Koreans These Guy's are infected with

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TundraLTD 20th February 2013 03:16 AM

What the heck are you talking about

NEO Dan 20th February 2013 03:52 AM


Originally Posted by Patrick Bateman (
You can get the dimensions of the TH-50 from the PDF here:[url][url]

OscarS 20th February 2013 05:22 AM

I really like the direction that Alpine has taken with their speakers. They've developing some real top-notch stuff lately.

Patrick Bateman 20th February 2013 05:24 AM isn't a malware site; it's Danleys distributor in Seoul Korea:

"Among the duties he assumed when he joined HGU in 2002, Dong-wook Seo is the man responsible for the Hyoam Anex Hall and its concert sound system – and recently undertook an upgrade of the main front-of-house loudspeaker system with help from Seoul-based contractor Media House. ‘The old system gave very low intelligibility for speech,’ Mr Seo explains, ‘but the new system is really fit for a house of worship. It is a totally different sound.’

The system is based on Danley Sound Labs line array loudspeakers, Crown amplification, and Dolby Lake processing, with the 48-channel Midas Venice console that had been installed as part of the previous year’s budget retained for mixing FOH and monitors. Specifically the system uses two Danley SH50 and DFA full-range, point-source cabinets, with a single TH-115 subwoofer on each side of the stage."

University challenge - Worship -

pgolde 20th February 2013 02:53 PM

This would be a nice affordable build, I am currently without a sub and as I work for a living, (poor) I am all about the lowest cost best performance. I currently have wood cut for 2 of Art's Keystones but no money for drivers atm :( .
The plan you posted is kinda rough, I will draw it up in sketchup to figure out how to build and post here, any more details would help :)

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