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m R g S r 4th February 2013 10:48 PM

Beach Radio v5! (Sealed 3015LF sub)
The latest and hopefully final version of my beach radio project. This one is actually a "downgrade" compared to v4 but v5 will be much easier to transport, easier to set up, and easier to sneak by hehe

Setup consists of:
Coleman 120qt cooler
Baltic birch 3/4" and 1/2"
Eminence 3015lf 15" subwoofer (sealed, 1.5 cubic feet) (30hz-120hz, EQ applied)
(2) Eminence Beta 8a midrange (120hz-?? No low pass ability)
(2) Pyle sealed back 6.5" midrange (400hz-2500hz)
(2) PE special (no name) horn loaded tweeters
(2) Dayton passive crossovers for Pyle midrange to tweeter cross
Alpine PDX 1.600 class D sub amp
Alpine MRX-f30 class D 4 ch amp.
Pioneer deh 8300ub head unit 4v pre out
4" cooling fan to circulate air over Amps.
36" x 13" solar panel for battery charge (15 watt)
Briefcase solar panel for battery charge (13 watt)
12"x12" solar panel to power cooling fan
Battery will have a 135min Reserve Capacity or so. Haven't chosen the exact battery yet.

Laying them out before any cutting for fitment check

Had some spare wood so used them as "gauges" for top panel width and length

Setting up to cut on the cooler top and fit the longer solar panel inside it...

And they all fit! 10lbs of sh*t in a 5lb bag lol

m R g S r 4th February 2013 10:55 PM

So if its not obvious... The Cooler will lay down with the Coleman logo on the ground, I will prop open the top which will house the longer solar panel and that will face the sky, and the speakers will all be facing forward, perpendicular to the ground plane.

The only thing that will not be self contained will be the battery, which will connect with 4gauge leads that I'll have secured to the cooler.

Ohh and the briefcase solar panel will be separate as well, that will connect directly to the battery.

The longer solar panel will have a quick disconnect which I will then connect AFTER the battery is connected, because Voc of the panel without a battery inline is 21volts. That would do some damage to the 12-14v electronics.

m R g S r 4th February 2013 11:10 PM

V4 was 2 ss15's powered by the same amp and 2 105lb deka batteries. So total
Weight was around 350lbs. It was a lot to drag through the sand :/

m R g S r 5th February 2013 12:49 AM

I'm thinking of using a group 49 battery. It is 50lbs, 14.5x7x7" and has a 145 minute Reserve Capacity.
I figure about 35 watts rms to each beta midrange (5.99 ohms each), 50 watts to each set of Pyle/tweeter (4 ohm Re) then 300 watts or so to the sub (5.31 ohm). So about 470 watts rms total. Figure music is mostly EDM so power draw will be about 1/4 that with the radio playing "full tilt" Figure about 10 amp current draw. Reserve Capacity of battery is rated at 25 amps. So with the solar panels feeding in about 25 watts, if I can get a solid 5-6 hours of playing the radio at high volume ill be happy. Then recharge the battery before the next use.

jbell 5th February 2013 01:49 AM

I've been thinking array of aura NS6's for a lightweight rig.... At only a pound each, and 90db/1W 40-5000hz... hmm.....

I already have a bass amp for my son designed with a 4x100 tk2050 amp for the aura's, head ended by a marshall 9004.

what spl do you need to reach again?

m R g S r 5th February 2013 01:54 AM

Sounds tempting! I like the NS6's that I have in my "curt Campbell stentorian s"

I don't have a real SPL goal this time. Pretty much whatever it is that I get out of this setup ill be happy with. Last time around the radio rocked the majority of the beach, but we also got kicked off and they wouldn't let us back the next time and we couldn't sneak it by them. This time, disguised as a cooler it will slip by, and it won't be loud enough for us to be kicked off the beach lol

mr. doom 5th February 2013 03:05 PM

How about just the sub in the cooler and some small satellites you could stash in a backpack?
I was looking at the lithium motorcycle batteries for a burningman bike project. 36ah/ 5lbs.

Funny you are looking at a Diehard.

PS. that 3015 I got from you is working great. My subs got rave reviews from the artist above at a 350 person venue last month, thanks.

m R g S r 5th February 2013 03:09 PM

Sweet glad it's working out for you!

I have the ss15 cabinet that I took this 3015 out of, if you want it, just pay for shipping and it's yours. I really have no use for it now.

I really wanted everything self contained in one enclosure. The v4 had separate portable speakers but just for ease of transport I wanted it all together.

I really wish I could port the sub portion and tune to 30hz (all I have is selectable 15/30hz high pass on the amp) to add a few more db on the 30-120hz portion, but there isn't much room for a decent sized port (even if it was an external port)

weltersys 5th February 2013 03:43 PM

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Originally Posted by mr. doom (
How about just the sub in the cooler and some small satellites you could stash in a backpack?
I was looking at the lithium motorcycle batteries for a burningman bike project. 36ah/ 5lbs.

I recently upgraded my electric bike batteries from SLA AGM to LiFeP04.
Went from an effective range of only 4.2 miles before voltage sagged too much to be ridable to 39 miles.
Less weight, a lot more $$, but worth every penny.


m R g S r 5th February 2013 03:49 PM

Hmm how much are we talking for a comparable battery?

I used to work at a truck part store, they deal exclusively with deka, I can get the group 49 for around $75. And it will fit in a sturdy duffle bag that I have, at 50lbs it should be a breeze to carry strapped around my shoulder.

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