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wyteNoyes 17th January 2013 12:02 AM

Tight Budget, Which Drivers should I choose
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Hello all, I am looking to upgrade my current (low end) DJ setup a little bit for an upcoming event. I have been actively watching craigslist and Ebay for used gear but nothing interesting has showed up in my price range. I currently have, for subs, 2 Pyle PASW15's (with the crossovers removed, as I burned one up) The Specs are: 400W rms/800W max, Freq Resp: 20-500 Hz (pretty sure this is BS, they are Not real good at low frequencies), SPL: 102dB, Sensitivity: 95dB, Weight: 48lbs (also BS Iíd say closer to 25-30lbs). I am hoping to outperform the Pyleís by a good bit, to justify the expense.
These have worked ok for most of the indoor events I have done but I have an outdoor event coming up, plus Iíd like a little more punch overall. I play anything from country to hip-hop/rap and electronic/house. Iím not looking for stupid high output just somewhat decent output down to 35 maybe 30Hz. I would like to build the cabs to save some money as I do not have a lot to throw around at this moment (or any moment for that matter), just need to decide what driver/cab to use.
My amp specs (Peavey GPS 2600): 600W RMS x 2 @ 8Ohm rated (got it for a really good deal)
The drivers I have been looking at are: (For 15Ē) Podium Pro PP153, Seismic Audio Quake 15, (For 18Ē) Podium Pro PP183, Seismic Audio Quake 18, or Peavey Low Rider 18 (only $5 more than the Peavey Low Rider 15 so I would buy the 18). Obviously I would jump all over the Peaveyís If I could swing the cash for 2 of them, but Iím sure I canít .
I would like to build 2 subs, so The Seismic audio Quakes are looking good because at $140/pair for the 15ís and $190/pair for the 18ís they cost less than a single equivalent (in size) Peavey. However would a single 18Ē Peavey Outperform 2 Seismic Audio Quake 15/18ís? . How about the Podium Pro speakers? Has anyone used the low frequency ones? I have a set of PP121ís and they are good (for $25/ea) but have no experience with the bigger PP1X3ís, they cost quite a bit more, and I canít find a lot of specs on them. I should be able to swing 2xPP153ís maybe 2xPP183ís, but hate to risk if no one can vouch for them being better than the quakes.
This is the cab design I was looking at: ( it looks like a simple/easy enough to build design with good frequency response. How would it scale down to a 15Ē? I have plenty of wood (combo of MDF and plywood) lying around to build 2 of these.
Also on a side note: My dad used to have a set of old PA speakers from when he was in college and they had some kind of push button circuit breaker that protected the drivers. I canít remember the manufacture/model now. Has anyone seen this before? Could I add something this to my speakers (i'd prefer to stay away from fuses)?
Thanks, I will attach the Specs I have for each speaker.

DUG 17th January 2013 02:33 AM

Something like this:

PP11-2-5.00A-XX-V Sensata Technologies/Airpax | 723-1267-ND | DigiKey

Inductor 17th January 2013 03:19 AM

The SUBS you just linked are sup. to work with the P.AUDIO SD-18 18" WOOFER only. Not a Lego!
P.Audio SD18 woofer - The P.Audio SD18 18" woofer for high power subwoofer speaker systems. P Audio SD-18 speakers here.

Inductor 17th January 2013 03:24 AM

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Look at the Pi Speakers - Push/Pull Basshorn Subs for your enjoyment. It works with 2x12". You will be more than happy. :D

dangus 17th January 2013 08:22 AM

Something to keep in mind is that money spent on woofers which burn out is money that's gone forever. Better to spend too much than not enough.

There's not much down at 30 Hz, let alone 20 Hz; 40 Hz is enough for ground shuddering bass. But, reproducing those low frequencies requires moving a lot of air, and bulky enclosures. There's something to be said for ignoring the low bass and just concentrating on getting a really loud punchy kick drum. Try a bandpass box tuned around 80 Hz.

djk 17th January 2013 07:13 PM

None of the Seismic Audio woofers are worth buying, the Podium Pro stuff doesn't look any better.

"How would it scale down to a 15”?

You don't. This design requires a specific driver. The one specified has a special cone to stand up to the BP6A design, substitutes will quickly die, and not work as designed anyway.

(Vas)143.5 Liters
(X-Max) 8 mm

(Vas)253.7 Liters
(X-Max) 8.5 mm

Even if your gave me some drivers from Seismic or Podium Pro I wouldn't waste my material or time on them.

wyteNoyes 18th January 2013 07:14 AM

OK, so I take it you've had a bad experiences with Seismic Audio, It just seemed like all the reviews I read about them were pretty good. Anyway, Moving on.

I Guess I am looking at a single Peavey Low Rider 18 As far as the cab design was concerned, would just a front firing ported work Best?

As for the Pi Speakers, @ > $3000, a little out of my price range... alright alot out of my price range.

mr. doom 18th January 2013 06:17 PM

How much speaker can you transport?
What mains are you using?
Do you have both channels of the Peavey 2600 available?

Without a DSP I would stick to bass reflex designs, the lowrider has good specs for the price and will destroy the pyle subs, you could build one now and use it with the pair of junk subs and add another lowrider box later.

It is worth building a decent plywood box for them "but" after you add up all the hardware bits/finish DIY will have a hard time competing with used mass manufactured boxes. Used Peavey qw118 boxes which are loaded with the lowriders go for around $400 BTW and you can probably sell them for that if you ever need to.

The Seismic subs are probably a step up from the Pyle but without accurate TS parameters (x-max specifically) I can't recommend them.

You can get a complete 18" sub from SA for $250 shipped! (That is less than I could build one with mediocre drivers!) It is probably comparable to anything else out there "in that price range" but not anything spectacular...
The Pyle "subs" you now have go for under $100 new and I have no idea how you did not cook the cheap drivers with that amp?

wyteNoyes 18th January 2013 09:19 PM

I have F150 so transport isn't an issue. My main setup is this (I know it is pretty low end, but it's what I've got, got it Johnny Cash style, 1 piece at a time): Music plays off my laptop to a Behringer 802 Mixer, which feeds a DOD SR 835 xover, Highs go to a Pyramid PA600X, and to a set of Dual DJL103E’s (had them since high school, next on my list to upgrade), Lows go to the Peavey GPS 2600 and out to the Pyle PASW15’s, There is also a Pyle DB meter in my rack too.
I used to drive the PASW15’s with a Pyle PQA4100 but when I saw the GPS for under $450 I had to jump on it, the PQA4100 now drives a pair of Podium Pro 12” In my bedroom.
I also use a set of (4) Peavey 1210TS towers (these don’t belong to me) that I drive with a Pyramid PA1800X.
I figured Bass-Reflex/Ported would be best, probably something like 24” W x 24”D x 30” H? How big should the port be? I’m not sure how to calculate that, I tried WinISD but I’m not sure how to use the vent part. I’d like to use rectangular ports but I can live with round if it is easier.
Both channels on the GPS are open (if not running the Pyle subs). To run the Pyle’s as well as a new sub I could run the Pyle subs off the PQA 4100 or the PA1800X.
I have been keeping an eye out for used equipment but I haven’t seen anything locally in my price range, and the farther away stuff costs too much to ship.
All the negative reviews for the Seismic Audio speakers seem to pertain to the cabinets so I would like to stay away from their preassembled speakers.
The GPS didn’t burn up the Pyle’s (I thought it did once) because it burned the internal crossovers out first, plus I try not to be stupid about the gain on the GPS because I know it could pop them with one good high gain hit.

pgolde 18th January 2013 09:27 PM

inexpensive portable rig I built for a psytrance dj
bass boxes MCM 55-2953 $25 each sealed PPSL, bangin bass for 100 bucks in drivers, does not go too low but no need for psytrance

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