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enquirez 8th January 2013 04:22 PM

Visaton ws25e-8 and H-frame
I'm here to ask for some advise.. Going to built some variation of FAST. It's TL of PVC/PP pipe or even baffle on 4" full range driver from ebay by Guidesound (once saw it's called Aucharm). Hope you've met it in web. It probably can go down 100 Hz in waveguide, in baffle about 200 Hz i guess.
As for bass support I didn't have particuar idea, but liked more or less 'opened' enclosures. Beside baffles I include here TL with constant CSA >= Sd or popular in RU Rogozhin's labyrinth or horn a la Air Coupler. All of them gives you 'fast' and 'live' bass. Recently I saw several H-frames at this forum and liked the concept. Also I saw accidentally a WS25E at a local store website, for ~45 euro. It's Qts seemed to be nice for free air and it's response was flat till ~35 Hz. It's quet though - 78-82dB@1W, 1m on important segment 30-200Hz.. So I started to lurk diyaudio and found some posts (by Rudolf mostly) right about this driver..
Would anyone wise/experienced share some info and thoughts on this woofer and proper enclosure?
I guess I don't need too great SPL, but of course the more the better.. And my room is small-ish 3x3,6m, speakers can be placed only near 3m wall, not just next to but I don't have 1m neither.
Well I hope I was clear and you will be kind enough to respond.. Thanks in advance.

Moon Track 10th January 2013 08:39 AM

It already was done.
Ripole with opposite speakers produces less mechanical vibrations than H frame Their frequency response is very close, while they have same length.
I just want to say. The space between magnet and hole’s edge produces pretty much of noise it is better to construct frame without holes.

enquirez 10th January 2013 10:44 AM

Thanks, but I saw that of course.
Hoped to see a personal experience or interesting thoughts on the subject.. Maybe will go with W-frame or measure after the breaking-in and somehow play with MJK's H-frame sheet.. And there's unpleasant moment: there're only two drivers stocked, so I think to build a one channel first and use it as a .1 sub, hoping to get another two drivers later.

Rudolf 10th January 2013 12:06 PM

You might ask markus76 about his latest installation of WS25E in H-frames
You probably can't beat that if your room is small and you can't keep subs from the wall.

markus76 12th January 2013 07:05 PM

The WS25E isn't working well in a Ripole (use SLS-10's or 12's for Ripoles) but it's working exceptionally well in a H-Frame:

The driver produces a peak around its resonance frequency which nicely compensates for the typical dipole rolloff. The result is a pretty flat frequency response without any additional electronics.

enquirez 13th January 2013 06:06 PM

Thanks a lot for your help, will go this way. And one question more. I think two drivers per channel are needed because of low sens, right? So can I build a 'tandem' enclosure or it's better to make four same frames and stack pairs? Though I can get only two drivers in the shop :-)

markus76 14th January 2013 07:51 AM

Yes, the WS25E isn't capable of moving a lot of air and you will need several of them when used in the far field. If you plan on using them in the near field at moderate levels then two might be enough
I'd build single units so you're free to try different locations within the room.

By the way, thickness of the panels in the picture above is 19mm.

enquirez 14th January 2013 10:33 AM

Yeah I decided to biuld separated. Will try stereo 1 per channel for now. My room is relatively small and I don't like much SPL. Seems it's time to start working not talking))
As for plan I figured that out of course, but I found only 21 mm in city, so probably will use it..

jay53 8th April 2015 08:37 AM


Originally Posted by markus76 (
The WS25E isn't working well in a Ripole (use SLS-10's or 12's for Ripoles) but it's working exceptionally well in a H-Frame:


Originally Posted by enquirez (
Will try stereo 1 per channel for now.

Hi Markus76,

The image is not available. Any impressions on the Open Baffle performance of Viston WS25E ? I would like to consider a pair of them each for music in open baffle. Two should offer a sensitivity of 91 db as per the specs.

Hi Enquirez,

What are your impressions of the build you had in mind ?



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