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tvrgeek 6th January 2013 10:49 AM

Location, location, location
Just proved again, one can go only so far with a single sub and electronic adjustments. I am sure it has been shown before, if your sub is not equal-distant from both mains, you flat can't get decent frequency response, as something is going to null something.

Moving the sub from a corner, the only obvious location in a crowded room, to a thin box above the TV, I improved my best response from -3 @ 45 with about 5 dB ripple, to -3 @ 25 within 2 dB 30 to 200. Crossover is at 110 to sealed sealed mains of my own. Not only that, the level of the sub amp is reduced by 6 dB. There is no electronic eq.

So, the message is clear. With one sub. Position is everything. In my main room, I run two, each just behind the main. Again, works pretty well. Not as well as when I used them as stands for the mains though.

I am sure experienced builders know this well already, but I keep seeing setups, from high end stereo stores, to expensive custom home theaters that try and force eq electronically when they just plain built it wrong, then blame the eq process for such poor and uneven results.

djn 6th January 2013 01:51 PM

Yep, I just saw that the other day. I convinced my friend to use 4 subs. The one very good one he has and three other $100 KLH subs for room smoothing. Now anywhere we go in the room the subs signal is the same volume. No peaks and no nulls. Try to find a good EQ that can do that for $300!!!

Also, this thread is all about this issue.


tvrgeek 7th January 2013 09:15 PM

Multiple small is a different solution to a different problem. ( one I agree with, if you can) I was talking about the far more common single sub in a room you actually live in. Far too often I see a sub in the corner or side wall and then hear complaints why their $200 AVR auto eq still sounds so bad.

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