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back 30th July 2012 02:21 PM

precision devices pd 1550
i am planing to use this driver 40hz-200hz at bass reflex enclosure.

people say that low qts drivers are meant for horn loading but the

datasheet says it will work for bass reflex too.

i don`t mind using some eq to make it flat.

is there any other flow except that?

i believe the cone control will be awesome because of the very high bl.

is there a reason i shouldn`t use it that i can`t see?

how many litters and tuning would you recommend?


djk 31st July 2012 08:08 AM

The Qts is too low for good performance in a vented box.

Fs 31 Hz
Xmax 8 mm
Revc 6.4 Ohms
Vd 7x10-4 m3
Qts 0.21
No 3.14%
Qms 5.55
Pmx 600 Watts
Qes 0.22
Cms 215 ÁM/N
Vas 242 Litres
Mms 123.4 grams
Sd 890 sq cm
BL 26.34 T/m

But if you want to try it, build a 140L box and tune it to 40hz.

tinitus 31st July 2012 08:56 AM

well, PD1550 is cheap right now because of new model
with EQ its probably a fantastic woofer
but that takes power
the new model does have higher Qts
but hifi, I guess the 18" PD186 could be a better choice, and still affordable

and btw, I think EQ is best done with closed designs

tinitus 31st July 2012 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by back (

how many litters and tuning would you recommend?


its easy to find find software, and not very difficult to use ;)
its more difficult to 'predict' the actual sound :D

Rojoh 31st July 2012 09:50 AM

If you haven't bought drivers yet, I can recommend the neo-15 from PD: The PDN-15BR40. Very nice soundig driver for BR.

Fs 35.678 Hz
L1 0.820 mH
L2 1.851 mH
Res 79.625 Ohms
RMSE-load 1.945 Ohms
Qts 0.338
RMSE-free 0.430 Ohms
Qms 5.727
Vas 224.800 Litres
Qes 0.359
Mms 90.949 grams
Sd 855.35 Sq Cm
Cms 218.797 ÁM/N
R2 5.017 Ohms
BL 16.836T/m
Xmax 10.5 mm
Re 5.106 Ohms

The PD-186 is also a good (and bigger) driver for BR.

back 31st July 2012 10:35 AM

pd 186 looks very good.

i couldn`t find price for pdn15br40

tinitus 31st July 2012 10:50 AM

I reckon all the PD neo woofers are more less obsolete by now
the PD 186 may have been obsolete as well
could be there have been a 'demand' for it

among the PD woofers, the PD186 has pretty good Xmax
probably why its at the lower end of the SPL efficiency scale
which btw often gives better low end efficiency
strange upsidedown logic ;)

chris661 31st July 2012 01:08 PM

A variable output impedance amplifier would enable you to increase Qes (and thus Qts) to be more usable.
Download winISD Pro and play with the Added Series Resistance to get it right.

back 31st July 2012 02:42 PM

it seems that pd1550 is doing well at 110L 40hz.

it needs only 3db boost 40-70hz (40hz is fine for me) and with the room placement

maybe no eq at all and can give 118db at 1m.

i think i will give it a try because pd 186 results to very big box.

bjorno 1st August 2012 06:45 PM

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Hi, FYI:


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