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Veke76 21st March 2012 10:52 AM

Eminence LAB 15 + Hypex DS8.0
I'll be starting to design and build new subwoofer using Eminence LAB 15 driver and Hypex DS8.0 amp. The design will be sealed box of 35 - 108 litres. The box will be filled with damping materials. Driver is 600/1200W@6ohms and amp is 800W@4ohms.

It will be used purely to music and specially for rock and metal music. My listening room could be something like 16-20 square meters and walls are rock.

Qtc 0.707 is 35 litres F3=59Hz F12=30Hz
Qtc 0.585 is 61 litres F3=60Hz F12=26Hz
Qtc 0.503 is 108 litres F3=63Hz F12=23Hz

At 20Hz those all give pretty much same SPL and higher Qtc gives more SPL at top frequencies.

Anyone else played with the same driver? Given my room and taste of music which size box should I aim? I've heard good words from LAB 12 but nothing from LAB 15.

Happily I got some discounts from these... :)

edit: My sealed 50x50x50cm cube is rocking now and I've got some measurements in the end of thread post#54. I'm also interested how an upgrade of enclosure to TH or TQWP might work. I'll start discussing these in the end of thread.

tb46 21st March 2012 02:18 PM

Hi Veke76,

Have you measured the T/S parameters yet? I hope they are close to the spec sheet values.


Veke76 21st March 2012 03:19 PM

Eminence LAB 15 + Hypex DS8.0 sealed box
Sorry I don't have equipment to measure T/S parameters. But looking at the site: Speaker Detail | Eminence Speaker I can see at cabinet design.pdf the parameters are already a little bit different with their test driver measured. I used the spec sheet.pdf parameters with simulating in WinISD.

I'm going add 24g/L of damping material in the box so that also changes the volume +20%. So I think I don't have to do more than 90L box.

They don't actually advertise this driver with sealed box but: "Subwoofer suited for small vented boxes and for Horn Loading". Well I'm more into making sealed and passive radiator boxes. I simulated this with 2pcs of CSS APR15 but extra cost didn't add up to me. Specially I'm going the place the subwoofer in the corner of rock walls so the room gain will be effecting the sound output. So I'm wondering which shape of the curves will give the nicest output.

tb46 21st March 2012 03:44 PM


Thanks for the additional information. I doubt that you'll notice much of a difference in the range of Q=0.5 to Q=0.7. Probably, building for the larger volume would be a good idea if you have the space.


Veke76 22nd March 2012 09:47 AM

Eminence LAB 15 + Hypex DS8.0 sealed box
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I attached .wdr file for WinISD

mdocod 22nd March 2012 02:47 PM

Just because I love throwing monkey wrenches around...

The Dayton RSS390HF and TIT400 both look like more sub for less dollars but would need larger boxes than the LAB15.

When simulating a sealed enclosure, My suggestion is to pick your alignment such that you won't be leaving any Xmax unavailable within the available amplification, thermal power handling and frequency range you want to use.

In the case of the LAB15, for music perposes, I'd shoot for a Qtc below 0.6 to allow you to hit Xmax without running out of power or power handling.


tb46 22nd March 2012 03:59 PM

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Hi mdocod,

I'll attach a Hornresp excursion plot for two of the cases Veke76 has in Post #1. Power=600W into 6 Ohm.


Veke76 22nd March 2012 04:07 PM

Eminence LAB 15 + Hypex DS8.0 sealed box
Hi. If I set max excursion at 18Hz so I get these:

Qtc 0.707 max excursion @ 750W
Qtc 0.585 max excursion @ 410W
Qtc 0.503 max excursion @ 270W

I think I avoid the smallest box. Qtc 0.656 and 42L would give max power 600W

tb46 22nd March 2012 04:33 PM

Hi Veke76,

That sounds right. Have you tried a BP4 enclosure?


Dag Johansen 22nd March 2012 06:05 PM

I have measured Lab-15 and there is some differences:
Qt 0,283
Qe 0,299
Qm 5,39
Vas 124 liters
Re 4,88 ohm
Sensitivity (1watt) 90,32
BL 28 N/amp
Mms 300 gram
Le 5,79 (:eek:)

A really nice woofer!


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