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2009thread1 15th January 2012 07:56 AM

jbl gto804 tapped horn/ folded horn
im looking to build a tapped or folded horn for a single 8" jbl gto804, ive built a tapped horn before for two 6.5" subwoofers and it works brilliantly, but it lacks in the low end, i dont know how to design them i had someone do one for me and i was hoping for the same again,
voice coil dc resistance - 3.49 (ohms)
voice coil inductance @ 1khz1.64 (mh)
driver radiating area 33.17 (in2)
214.00 (m2)
motor force factor 12.88 (tm)
compliance volume vas 16.42 (litres)
0.58 (ft3)
suspension compliance cms 251.00
moving mass, air load 115.00 (grams)
moving mass, diaphrahm 113.20 (grams)
free air resonance 29.60 (hz)
mechanical q 6.37 (qms)
electrical q 0.450 (qes)
total q 0.42 9 (qts)
magnetic gap height 3/8 (in)
9.00 (mm)
voice coil height 1-1/4 (in)
32 (mm)
maximum excursion 7/16 (in)
11.50 (mm)

Petter Persson 15th January 2012 09:32 AM

That elements sim. well in a TH. I looked it up to se if a Kraken 28 would be
possible. Just plans so long, but the drivers looks nice on paper.

2009thread1 15th January 2012 09:51 AM

is it possible though ? i dont know anything about tapped horns and other designs so im was hoping for someone to do one for me lol

2009thread1 15th January 2012 09:56 AM

how about an elemental designs 9kv.2 8"
Qts: .30
Qes: .38
Qms: 3.5
Fs: 23 Hz
Re: 7.4
Vas: 45 L
Mms: 71.4 g
Bl: 15.34 T*m
SPL: 86.2 dB
Sd: 231 cm^2
Xmax: 14.1 mm
Voice Coil: 38 mm

Magnet Width: 4.800"
Cutout Diameter: 7.25"
Mounting Depth: 4.375"
Weight: 10 lb
Total Height: 4.900"
Displacement: .05 ft^3
Outside Diameter: 8.375"

this woofers around the same price as the jbl

NEO Dan 15th January 2012 04:07 PM

I would NOT design for ED drivers, they are not the specs they claim; I have measured TSP's for both versions of the 18" and they are not even close. When I contacted ED the excuse they gave me was they don't have the ability to measure drivers...

2009thread1 15th January 2012 04:09 PM

ive also read about their bad customer service,hopefulyl i'll be able to find a workable design for my jbl gto804

ODougbo 15th January 2012 04:23 PM

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If sombody was twist my arm I'd build a new one, with a new/better driver.

What to look for, a low Q Sub woofer?

2009thread1 15th January 2012 04:26 PM

ive got someone designing me one at the moment, the they said the jbl doesnt have a good flat response in a t-line or a bandpass but good response in a ported box, but i love the bass production of a horn, i didnt want to have to buy a new subwoofer if i had to, just make do with what ive got ?

NEO Dan 15th January 2012 04:40 PM
This driver?
As previously mentioned it looks good ;)
What about the previous TH was not good enough?
What driver and box design did you use?

2009thread1 15th January 2012 04:47 PM

yeah that jbl, the th i have now is brilliant for quite listening, but as i turn the volume up it doesnt perform idealy at louder levels, but then again im using cheap skytronic 6.5" woofers, they're 8ohms 125watts rms and ive got two in parralel, ive got the plans on sketchup but i dont know how to post them in here, its tuned to around 35hz and goes really loud and the low end, i'd like to use the jbl and tune it to around 30hertz or lower if possible without having a big box

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