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FelixAUS 6th September 2011 02:23 AM

Monacor SPH-450TC Thoughts?

I have been formulating plans for some new additions to my system for a couple of months and was wondering if anyone has had many encounters with the SPH-450TC, or has any thoughts on it?

I'm looking for something that will really pump out those lows, and am leaning towards this driver since the specs to me look pretty darn good, plus I can easily get one off SoundLabs.

Plans at the moment (from playing in WinISD) would be to go a 130L box, 4 ports, tuned to ~33 HZ.

However I am only new to this game and would really appreciate some guruís opinions!

The alternative (based on all the good reviews I have read) is a PD1850? Slightly cheaper, although it may be hard to get my hands on one in Australia?

Feel free to suggest some good alternatives, there are that many out there I really find it hard to even begin searching....

Budget wise I'm not too fussed, happy to spend ~$1500 all up including an amp!

Any suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated!



Djim 6th September 2011 03:17 AM

Hi Felix,

For over a decade the SPH450TC was our secret for 'ridiculous' deep subs in relative small package for our custom installations. Although it's not the right driver for full subrange (it lacks so called 'punch' and it could be best used along 'normal' subs) it sure has its own qualities. The cone is very stiff and doesn't suffer much from deforming and the motor is very strong too. Always wondered why the PA world overlooked this little monster as there was nothing else that could do the same job from the same volume. We used them in settings of two in a +/- 300 litre cab tuned to 30Hz to and powered them each with a bridged Hill Chameleons (1200W rms/8Ohm). The power rating as given is on the low side and don't go cheap on the amplifier! One downside, the package was quiet heavy to insure a controlled sound from a very stiff cab (130Kg per cab). Besides basreflex, they also perform very well in horns and tapped horns...
These days B&C (18SW115) and 18Sound (18NLW9600C) have new monsters that make the SPH450TC look a little dated but at the time of its release (in late 90ties) it was something special.

FelixAUS 6th September 2011 04:50 AM

Thanks Djim!

Sounds pretty good since I'm looking for something that fills in those really deep spots! Currently I have my 3-way floor standers which contain 8" bass reflexes, so i think these can handle the higher side of the sub range.

Those other subs you posted do look impressive; however getting one online in Australia may be difficult (since both Aussie dealers are on the other side of the country!). Also these other subs seem to be running an intense load more power, meaning amps start getting very expensive pretty quick!

Amp wise for the SPH450TC I was looking at maybe the Crown XLS1000, given that the 700W of the amp would match the recommended power for the subs voicecoils when in series.

however seeing as you think the values are underrated I might be better off going something like the XLS1500? (1050w bridged at 8 ohm)?

I'll keep looking into those suggested and see if I can source one, then I can hopefully get further into making a decision! Although i'm not that rushed, I won't be able to build it until December so I have a bit of time to discuss/sleep on it.



Djim 6th September 2011 11:22 AM

Yes, impressive they are and I would suggest a Crown XLS1500 instead of the XLS1000. Soundwise I'm not a fan of these 'budget' Crown's since the SPH450TC's are quiet difficult loads. Among some of my colleagues these SPH450TC's drivers are known as amp killers. Therefore, it might be an option to look for some older Crown series second handed, like the classic Micro-tech (or Macro-tech) series MT2400. Another hard to beat sound is the combination with Labgruppen amps. If you want something cheaper (and maybe easier to get overthere) but still get a decent controlled sub sound, you can look for Carver PM series. You can run two SPH450TCís from one PM1800, but donít run anything else than sub range from these amps ;).

epa 6th September 2011 03:52 PM

agreed with djim.
price wise its good.
maybe you should try on a tapped horn ,that gives more output(bigger cab tough)

@djim niet kapot te krijgen die carvers :D trouwens ook nog een pm 1.5 staan van 25 jaar oud ofzo.

Djim 6th September 2011 07:37 PM

Felix, the SPH450TC's should work great in Josh Ricci's TH's, Othorn and Gjallerhorn.Or maybe you should design a new TH concept around that driver since it has lovely specs for it. The advantage of a TH is >3dB over a basreflex at cost of a bigger cab.

4Epa, yep zijn nog steeds leuke dingetjes en laat die nieuwe series maar eens twee jaar volle bak draaien met echt sublaag en er blijft niets van over. Carvers, lab's en Micro's en Macro's klinken na decennia nog steeds toppie!

Ŗart West-VL. 6th September 2011 08:41 PM

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epa 6th September 2011 10:02 PM

we love you to bart:p

Djim 6th September 2011 11:38 PM

Yes Bart, we even love people without medeklinkers ui' Wes' vla'ere' ;)

revboden 6th September 2011 11:47 PM

one question, with a fs of 20Hz why would you tune the box to ~33Hz? if you want to go low, go low. :)

epa en djim, krijg een kamer ...

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