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muddasirwaheedmalik 31st July 2011 08:03 PM

wilson audio :watch dog subwoofer drivers
hi everyone;
jut got a hand on a pair of these :
its has rms of 400w ultra linear motion with dual spide triple stacked huge huge huge triple stacked motor .

the original design is ported....without T/s information i want to go sealed with some good class A/B amplifier instead of d switiching.

what how could i put best SQ use?

Don Hills 31st July 2011 11:28 PM

Most commercial speakers and subwoofers are compromised in some way - the designer has had to accept less than ideal driver quality and parameters, enclosure quality and amp quality. There is scope for DIY to correct these compromises.

The Watchdog does not have these problems. It is already designed for "best SQ use". It is a music sub, not a HT sub. It is not compromised by having to be designed down to a price point - the driver, enclosure and amp have been specifically custom built to work well together. For example, the class D amp will almost certainly be sonically indistinguishable from a class AB amp. The designer would have used Class AB if it would sound better in this application.

As for the driver, its parameters have been chosen to work best in the given enclosure. If you lack the tools and expertise to measure the driver T/S parameters and determine if it will work well in a sealed enclosure, I suggest you leave it as it is. Otherwise, you will almost certainly make it sound worse.

5th element 1st August 2011 12:38 AM

I second exactly what Don has said. The Watchdog product has been done as a cost no object item and unless the designer had some seriously flawed ideas as to what that entailed then it would probably be best to leave it well alone.

The amplifier and it's internal active filtering has probably been tailored to match the drive unit and cabinet so that the two will work well together. In other words the amplifier is matched to the drivers capabilities within the cabinet so that damage wont occur, but will also not limit the performance. I would expect this kind of thing in a cost no object design, 400 watts might seen like small fry when compared to the kilowatt class Ds found in the small sealed subs, but if making it any bigger would have improved performance you can bet that it would have been.

I would recommend you use the sub as is for now and see how you like it. If you find yourself disliking it for whatever reason then maybe post here and suggestions can be made as what to do next.

Regardless of the cost, the Watchdog it is still at the mercy of room acoustics, it cannot break the laws of physics either, so there is a limitation as to what it can achieve. Audio nirvana is most likely an unobtainable goal, so just because it is expensive don't expect it to do things that it realistically cannot.

muddasirwaheedmalik 1st August 2011 06:09 AM

no doubts about the above observations. but the problem is that i have drivers NOT the woofers........ what could i DIY with them without their T/s and cabinet design.....can i go sealed and increase power with equiization//

btw i am currently running 802 b&w with krell fpb 600 ..goes fairly good down to 50 hz...what to to?

Moondog55 1st August 2011 06:50 AM

Sorry but I am confused by your statement "Drivers" are the "Woofers" in normal speaker speak.
If you are rich and lucky enough to own these ; kindly leave them as designed

muddasirwaheedmalik 1st August 2011 08:46 AM

just to clear it. i have drivers...the woofers.... the replacement parts of the original watch dog cabinet.....i dont have the finished facgory produced system.....just the drivers in the box..... any help designing box for it please.

muddasirwaheedmalik 1st August 2011 08:47 AM

just the drivers in the box means drivers in the packing cartons...not the cabinets.

muddasirwaheedmalik 1st August 2011 12:12 PM

i am thinking of something like this in pull push design sealed. 1 inch MDF with one inch space then again 1 inch MDF, space filled with sand or fine sand+lead/iron powder...absolutely inert ;-)

but still confused about design without t/s///

Xoc1 1st August 2011 12:47 PM

Hi muddasirwaheedmalik
How about measuring the TS parameters of the speaker drivers yourself?
For example see this link
Measuring Loudspeaker Driver Parameters:)

5th element 1st August 2011 01:05 PM


Originally Posted by muddasirwaheedmalik (
i have drivers NOT the woofers........

Yes the problem with that statement is that drivers and woofers are the same thing. So you said I have the apples, not the apples. Hence the confusion.

If you own the drivers but no cabinet then you really could do with finding out what specs it has. Measuring for the T/S parameters isn't that hard. Even a simple free air impedance measurement will give you the drivers Qts and Resonance frequency.

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