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Bakmeel 9th March 2009 07:46 PM

If you ever need to store your sub
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Then make sure you block the vent properly...

Because I wouldn't have the room to use my sub for more than a year or so, I stored my home built subwoofer in the barn of a friendly farmer close by together with some of my other belongings...

It turned out a little mouse family had dicovered that the enclosure -with all the damping and padding inside- could also function as a Five Star Residence... soft, warm, well isolated and free from predators!

Luckily they didn't cause too much damage although I had to rip out all damping because it was of course full of mouse-droppings. The Woofer (on the bottom, as it is a down-firing setup) was luckily made with a fibre-glass cone and rubber surround, so the mice never had an appetite for "re-utilising" the cone....

Below a picture of the "woofer residence"

Bakmeel 9th March 2009 07:47 PM

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Another Picture

Bakmeel 9th March 2009 07:48 PM

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This is an old picture (before storing the sub) to give an impression of how the sub looks like in a better condition :D

Cal Weldon 9th March 2009 08:30 PM

Yes, I also have had that problem but with rats. I pull the drivers and put the boxes out in the storage building. I noticed if I used polyfill they loved it. When I use fiberglass they came and went which seemed strange until I found one "asleep" in the batting. I guess their lungs are hurt by it too. The only ones that seem to like the fiberglass are the bees. No sure what kind but the queen will use it for her yearly slumber chamber.

A little netting looked after both concerns.

dave_gerecke 9th March 2009 10:19 PM

Just a quick recommendation. The old trick for storing equipment with internal combustion engines is to stuff the exhaust pipe end with steel wool. As much as mice like thread type materials, they don't seem to care for steel wool. I wonder why.;)



Cal Weldon 10th March 2009 12:10 AM

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dangus 10th March 2009 08:33 AM

Be very grateful they didn't store a cache of food in there. Mice are small, but can be unbelievably industrious. I looked in the trunk of an old car I'd parked near a blackberry patch for a few years... the mice had nearly filled the spare tire well in the trunk with rotting blackberries.

HK26147 10th March 2009 01:10 PM

Mouse country
In the early 90's I took a pair of 2 way speakers out of service for about a little over a month ( they were placed on the floor ).
When I picked one up I noticed it rattled. I removed the 8" woofer and found a mouse nest with almost 2 cups of my dog's food inside.
The access was the PVC port pipe - which had a 90 degree elbow so that the vermin had to climb straight up and in.
Since then I advice anyone who has to store speakers to wrap the cab in plastic and block access to mousetroplis

DigitalJunkie 10th March 2009 03:29 PM

Uhh ohh..
I better go dig my sub out of storage,and block the 4 ports..:rolleyes:

My speakers are wrapped up in plastic garbage bags,and are I think (I hope!) they will be okay.

jbell 10th March 2009 03:48 PM

Yes, speakers and mice are a problem. They will chew through about anything, so wrapping in plastic, or other protections doesn't usually deter them.

On my pa cabinets that get stored in a barn, I always cover drivers and ports with petscreen. Yes, I'm sure at some point they'll chew through even that, although to date, it's held. They will eat your paper cones without protection... They will live in your folded horns and ported cabinets. Even if you don't think they can get in somewhere.. they will.

My little brother as a kid, got great satisfaction out of starting up irrigation engines first thing in the spring... Seems mice would crawl up the exhaust pipes and make themselves at home during the winter, regardless of mice protection attempted, right by the exhaust valves. Seeing flaming mice being shot 30' out of the straight pipes is, well, payback

set traps, get cats.. almost nothing stops a determined mouse.

I use large rubbermaid tubs with lids for everything that fits, mice don't seem to like to chew holes in them.

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