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suchuwato 7th September 2008 12:18 AM

PA Subwoofer
Hey guys,

I'm selling my guitar amp soon and that'll give me some cash to spend :D specifically, around 200 / $355

I've already got a pair of these:

Gemini gsm1580

Which aren't that great, I know, but they work (for the moment)
I also use some other gear that isn't mine, so I can't link to it at the moment...

I normally play stuff ranging from House to Hip Hop, pretty much anything.

I'd like to build a subwoofer, as there's no way I can afford to buy a decent one for my budget. Initially I was thinking that I could get a couple of 12" subs designed for cars (JBL or something) and build the boxes (as there's plenty of plans floating about), but then again, these will be for small-medium sized rooms, not cars.

As you may have guessed, sound quality isn't the most important factor, although I don't want it to sound like the sort of thing you hear coming from the back of a chav's Nova ;)

So I guess I'm asking, how much power can I get for 150, leaving 50 to build the box(es?) and get cables etc...

I'm not factoring an Amp into this budget.

Thanks in advance! :)

technofreak 8th September 2008 03:25 PM


I quess that Eminence Kappa 15 LF in a 150 L box tuned to 45 Hz would be good solution. Later upgrade your mid-tops to, for example 2x8" + 1" box (Eminence Beta8 is quite qood option for 8" midrange), or even 12" or 15" midbass + 6" horn-loaded cone + 1" and add another sub, and you can hold parties for a few hundred people w/ ease:)

suchuwato 12th September 2008 08:05 PM

Thanks for the reply. I've been looking at this box, any opinions on it? Also would that eminence driver be suited to it, or any other suggestions?

Zero Cool 12th September 2008 08:35 PM

If you can find the Yamaha SW118V subwoofers. thats a lot of boom for the buck. Cast frame Eminence 18" woofer with high power handling, a low FS and a large X-max these are a pretty good buy for the money. these are pretty cheap new at $399 each and used, even cheaper. the only issues is the woofer is so powerful, it blows the bracing apart inside. many of these used will make horrendous farting sounds. good to talk the seller down point. But a little wood glue and some screws and they are like new. and will play very deep.

These sell for $150-200each USD im sure you can find them over there just as cheap.


Rademakers 15th September 2008 12:01 PM

A single one of these would suit your purposes, loaded with an Eminence Kappa 15LF. One sheet MDF for about 15 and driver for 125 leaves you with enough room for cables and a nice finish. Of course Baltic birch is got to be prefered over MDF for on the road purposes.

Regards Johan

jbell 15th September 2008 02:22 PM

That eminence driver is a good one, however,
Can you point me to a measured and/or calculated 2pi response for that cab?

I know I had to go much bigger to get the response I was looking for.

Rademakers 16th September 2008 05:28 PM

These are the excursion and SPL as predicted by Hornresp (2,83V/1m, 2pi), the grey line is the B&C SUB 15 (to which the Kappa 15 LF is indeed suited by the way).

@jbell: What response are you looking for?

Regards Johan

jbell 16th September 2008 07:17 PM

usually I go for 40hz, on up for pa subs, but each cabinet has it's plus/minus on size vs response.

What caught my eye, was the design you posted looks like you'd have to model it with a coupling chamber, and then a short L23.

Can you post the hornresp input params?

Also, how wide is that cabinet?


tinitus 16th September 2008 08:51 PM

Eminence Omega Pro 18 will cost you 134 english pound at Blue Aran UK
It will do pretty well in BR(bassreflex)
Delta Pro 18 is a bit cheaper at 94pound and may do fine too
Seems there is a little confusion about which model

At least they will get you a bit below 40hz

But only a few pounds more will buy you top notch english quality, Precision Devices...some bargains on archived 18" models;)

Rademakers 17th September 2008 06:13 PM


usually I go for 40hz, on up for pa subs, but each cabinet has it's plus/minus on size vs response.
I found this cabinet sounds deeper as it goes, if there's such a thing.


Can you post the hornresp input params?
Not yet, will soon.


Also, how wide is that cabinet?
The 15" version is 62 cm cubed.

Regards Johan

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