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frontier 2nd May 2008 02:06 PM

few questions on my enclosure project
well spent the last full day attempting my hand at building an enclosure for sub. so far it's definitely not something that I'm incredibly impressed woodworking skills leave quite a bit to be desired but I'm currently of the impression I'm still going to be left with something that is functional even with the stuff I've not done very well but what I'd like is a few opinions/comments and general questions

1. General construction is out of 3/4" MDF. Baffle recommendation was 1" so I took (2) 3/4" pieces and used a liberal amount of liquid nails to glue them together. I also took this moldable putty-like substance that's used to create an air-tight seal between windows and a frame and applied around the edge of each piece of wood. Then took (12) 1.5" wood screws......3 per side and screwed down everything.

====> in terms of structural integrity compared to a single 1.5" piece of wood would you assume this is inferior or comparable and if inferior to what degree?

2. I took 1.5" x 1.5" pieces of oak and used them for internal braces.....screwed and glued and attached to each side of the box as close to the center of box as possible w/o interfering with the mounting depth of speaker. I'd say I ended up being about 3" away from center of wood whose measurements are 17 x 18.5

3. And now the really ugly part......there are 2 corners of box where I tried to screw too close to the end....I've got a slightly bigger than a hairline fracture where wood split and on the other end I didn't drill quite right and I've a bubble....screw is not noticeable but there's definitely a bubble.

Based on what I've mentioned so far I'd be interested to hear opinions in terms of structural integrity i.e. this sounds really ugly but should do the trick since the bracing can come to the rescue, should consider adding <x> to fix what wasn't done right the first time or this sounds so bad you should really just consider re-doing it.

MaVo 2nd May 2008 02:57 PM

a picture of the problem would help to judge it, but as long as it has no airleaks, i would say it is okay.

Svante 2nd May 2008 04:27 PM


Originally posted by MaVo
a picture of the problem would help to judge it, but as long as it has no airleaks, i would say it is okay.
Agree, as long as there are no airleaks or rattle it's ok.

Don Bunce 2nd May 2008 10:39 PM

The two layers of MDF with the Liquid Nails in between is probably better...a constrained layer.

Having the braces not centered is better because each section will resonate at a different frequency due to the unequal areas.

Pre-drilling screw holes is required to prevent splitting,as you have found out.I use coarse threaded drywall screws,and drill a pilot hole just slightly smaller that the root diameter of the screw.That way,the threads of the screw will cut into the MDF,and hold securely without splitting.Works well for wood,too.

As others have mentioned,as long as the joint is airtight,it should be fine.If you have any doubt,you could remove the screw,and fill the hole with glue,(Titebond,or similar)and then put the screw back in,which should force glue into the crack.

Remember,Bondo is your friend...any mishaps can be filled and sanded smooth.

Sounds like you are off to a good start...happy speaker building!

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