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focal 9th January 2008 09:03 PM

From SBA to DBA (thread titled changed 14/01/29)
Dear friends,

I am new in this forum.

I apologize me for my bad english language .

I have build a Single Bass Array in my hearing room at the cellar.

The main speakers are a pair of Jim Thiels SCS3 neo. In my ears, one of the worlds best speakerdrivers!

But I heard, its better to take far away deep frequencies of it.
( ohh my's hard to write without experiences)

So I have build 4 Enclosers with 2*2 Tang Band W69 drivers = 8 drivers in front of my room.

The crossover is a digital Alto maxidrive 3.4 pc.

The amplifier for the SBA is a Pioneer M90a
The amplifier for the Thiels are two Marantz M500
Control amp: Pioneer C 90a
CDP: Marantz 7300
Turntable: Transrotor Leonardo with SME 3009 arm and Grado prestige silver pickup

So, I hope my first post have success.



Zoran 9th January 2008 10:09 PM

very nice listening venue...

MaVo 9th January 2008 10:14 PM

Looks like you can have lots of listening fun in such a dedicated room :)

Are the big things between the bass arrays and the wall corner bass traps? Do they help alot?

Depending on your listening height, the smaller absorbers could be placed lower, if you want to get them into the way of the first sidewall reflection. It looks like they are placed in the height of a standing person, not a sitting one.

Cal Weldon 9th January 2008 11:01 PM

Very nice indeed focal.

focal 10th January 2008 07:08 AM

Dear friends,

thanks for the warm welcome.

@mavo: yes i have a lot of fun in my cellar:D

The big things are corner traps - bassabsorbers ( naturally DIY)

The wall absorbers have the right position. I was trying one year to find this position. In lower position the absorbers take off, too much high frequencies and i have a flanelly sound ( is this the right word?).



MaVo 10th January 2008 07:46 AM

its good that you found the best position by testing, i too often try to make everything perfect by theory and not by actual testing :-(

some people even say, that sidewall absorbers are evil, since they are too small to achieve a broadband absorption, so you only absorb high frequencies, and still have the midrange reflections, confusing the listener. well, so much for theory - even better if it works nice in reality :)

focal 10th January 2008 08:41 AM

Hi Mavo,

yes, a lot of theoreticians are in the audio-world.:D

The best way is: Learn the theory an then make the try in praktice.

Any pics from my listening room:



JinMTVT 12th January 2008 11:03 PM

Welcome to this board Focal!

Was the positionning of your subs predetermined to have an impact ?
you say single bass array ...cause you've split it from a double bass array ? :p

I had never seen such drivers with a squared cone for subwoofers.

Have you made any measurements for the subs in your room ? i wonder how your sub placement has an impact on room modes .

focal 12th January 2008 11:26 PM

Dear friends,

now I was sitting 6 hours in my listening room and i have heard many LPs and CDs.

It is stunning, how many new details are to find on this wellknown discs!

Not only, because more deep frequencie information can be heard, but also because the Thiel SCS3neo is exempt from hard work.

I'am so happy. It was the best decision im my hifi carrier to built this bassarray!

Bad roommodes has never a chance. The SPL-Level in deep frequencies ( 30...100 Hz) is constantly +/- 2 dB at every places in my room!

Here you can see the frequency-response at hearing-chair.
(smoothed 1/1okt.)



focal 13th January 2008 03:30 PM

Hi Jin,

yes, the SBA is a half of a DBA.

DBA is the very best way to build a subwoofer.

SBA is the first step to realize this.

You wonder why a SBA can have an impact of the room mode???

My english is too bad to give you explanation in this case.

Please search the net for more informations!

Briefly: A SBA makes not a globular soundwave in a room, but it makes an planar wave! This is reducing roommodes considerabelly.

New try for post a pic ( ist very difficult in this forum, this is probably the reason why I can't see very few pics here).

You see the frequency response on my listening chair, ( smoothed 1/1 okt.)

The Chassis are Tang Band W 69. The area are like a 8" Chassis.



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