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a007udio 27th September 2007 10:46 AM

Sub with six BMS 12S330 drivers

I have six BMS drivers and i would like to make subwoofer for my music listening room.

I was thinking to make a 50 l saled box for each but you there have more expiriance and maybe have anybody better idea how to use those drivers.
I would like to have musical tight bass up to around 120 Hz from where i will use midbass driver. The speaker will be active.

Any idea?

SunRa 27th September 2007 11:37 AM

Nice speakers.

There where some links on using multiple monopole subs around the room. It may worth a look.

However I'd consider a) closed subwoofer with 2 drivers in each box and Linkwitz transform circuit. You'll find more on his page and on Rod's Elliot esp audio page.

b) I'd go though with a pair of dipoles. Linwitz's site again. If you could get another pair, 4 drivers per open baffle could be killer.

c) it is worth considering a quasi-cardioid as I know Garry Pimm worked on. He mentioned flat to 20Hz with some 12' eminence drivers. This is essentially a stuffed open baffle. The info it's quite scarced though.

Bafta cu proiectul!

a007udio 28th September 2007 04:07 AM

I would like to try open baffle but is the driver apropriate?
My number one box is sealed becouse of simplicity but i would like to try other designs if there will be a better performance:angel: :angel: .

SunRa 28th September 2007 09:31 AM

Hello a007audio,

I took a closer look to the driver's specs. It seems to me that if you find another pair as to have 4 drivers per side in a folded baffle you could make yourself a hell of a sub. The only thing that concernes me is the small xmax of the driver .. only +-8mm. However using 4 of these per sub, Xmax won't be a problem anymore.

As for complexity, I feel both, the close-box and the OB are equaly complex in terms of electronics and not that diffrent in terms of woodworking. Regarding the electronics, they both demand a lot from the amplifier, and both need low pass crossover, linkwitz transform circuits while the OB would need an aditional 6dB compensation circuit because of the roll-off in OB.

It's up to you what you want. Also, consider the room you have. This is very important when talking about subwoofers and open baffles. If it would be up to me, and if I'd feel I have a suitable room for this, I'd go with OB having allready 6 drivers.

Good luck!

a007udio 28th September 2007 05:21 PM

Ok its looks i will try to build a prototipe box for OB with just six drivers and if the resaults will be good i will buy another two.
The problem is that i have no expiriance with OB.

So any idea of the shape and dimensions of the baffle?

Thans for help.

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