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1InVeNtOr 16th February 2013 05:06 PM

Power Cables / RCA Cables
Going to be upgrading my current cables.
so far i have selected Neotech NC-P311 with Neotech NC-P302. has anyone compared a power cord cryo'd vs. non-cryo'd? what's is differences? i am also building a Furman 20A power cord with a Wattgate 350iHC and Neotech NC-P311. i can easily change out all the cryo'd connectors for non, so it's not a huge deal.
i forget what the wire is, it's a 4N copper stranded with a 4N silver plate. it will be 4 braided with a spiraled ground. it's all insulated by teflon.

My RCA's, however have given me a headache. i have so far selected Neotech NEI-3003 and Cardas GRMO. i believe this combo will sound good, but not break the bank. i am spending so much on the power cords, i don't have much left over. my current RCA's are a simple locking brass/gold with a Aircraft wire. it's plated silver with a silver shield. they were a huge improvement over Monoprice RCA's (but i expected that). the construction on them were also different with 2 conductors instead of using a coax. i have been informed that a 2 conductor will roll off my highs. since i have modded RF-7's, highs haven't been an issue.
would it be worth getting the Cardas GRMO cryo'd? cost effective? take the same money and buy a "better" RCA?
it might be moot point because i am trying to build something on the cheaper side but still get "good" results.
thanks for your help

1InVeNtOr 16th February 2013 08:28 PM

just read a little bit about cryo. basically it said it's a slight upgrade. what caught my eye the most is, not all metals cryo'd the same. it stated Brass got the best results, where silver has the worse. these connectors are UPOCC with gold, so i should get an "improvement" it's just how much.....
Jeff, you mentioned in an email you were going to have a cryo process, if you think your process will be better than what Neotech offers, i can wait. i still have a ton of extra cables i am not using (i doubt i'll sell them all).

Jeff Glowacki 18th February 2013 01:26 AM


It sounds like you have been reading VH Audio's cryo description, or some facsimile of. For the most part, it is true. Simply put, and in general, I tend to prefer the sound of cryo treated conductors and connectors. Given your budget, I would not consider cryo unless is was free, or built in to a package. Your limited budget is better spent on bang for the buck wire and connectors that make good synergy together, and address the characteristics you are looking for.

Regarding that 14ga Silver plated Copper in Teflon mil-spec, we sold out yesterday:( We will not be receiving anymore like that. Be sure to look at our specials page. There are a bunch of great deals right now. However, they too will not last;)

1InVeNtOr 18th February 2013 01:33 AM
so the wire i am basing all my new power connectors are gone? well that sucks bad for me. what you were selling at that price, i don't know what would compete with that.
so, what do you suggest with the connectors we already picked out? do i need to just on those as well?

1InVeNtOr 18th February 2013 01:42 AM

i forgot the reason....
why did we chose the neotech 3003 over the cardas IC 1x21? (or really, any of the cardas IC wire.

1InVeNtOr 18th February 2013 01:47 AM

so which is better, the cardas GRMO or the Vampire LRCA8? not sure which sounds better with the 3003 wire or cardas wire.

Jeff Glowacki 18th February 2013 04:53 AM

Given the application, desired effect, and budget, the NEI-3003 fit the best IMO. The 1x21 is pretty good stuff, but it will be a tad darker, more relayed, and will carry a little less weight in the bass. I also find the 3003 more refined.

With your setup, and using the 3003, I'd select the GRMO over the LRCA8.

1InVeNtOr 18th February 2013 07:15 PM

ok, now we need to figure out what wire to use. now that you sold all of what i was going to use! :( (for me) :) (for you)
i sent you an email also. btw, do you know the cap values in a Klipsch RC-7? i'm going to try and find a diagram, but it might be with my DIY stuff at the house.

Jeff Glowacki 21st February 2013 08:50 AM

Well we ended up exchanging email, so the conversation here trickled off. It may have been just as well, but I did want to give this thread some conclusion. Perhaps, we will pick it up when you start to work on your project, and you can let us know how it turns out:)

1InVeNtOr 21st February 2013 02:15 PM

lol. well i'll catch everyone up.....
RCA's: Cardas GRMO + Neotech NEI-3003 total cost for 3 complete cables, ~$90. (not going to buy them at this point)

Power cables connector: Neotech NC-P311& NC-P302 (UPOCC + GOLD + CRYO)
for $25.25ea, you just can't beat it. yeah sure they have a purple color, but i am man enough to rock it.

Power cables wire: 18 awg solid copper plated with silver. i believe it's 4N purity. going to take 12 runs and turn it into a star quad. going to take 3 runs, braid them (x4). take those now braided 4 runs, and put them into a star quad. so each pole will have 6 runs of 18 awg. (i don't have my spread sheet so i don't know the final gauge).

Power cables ground: not too sure. i have a ton of extra wire. it doesn't really matter what i use, but i am thinking of keeping the same wire. possibly braiding 4 runs of the same 18 awg wire. part of the reason for a 4 braid, it's more flat. i can wrap it (opposite direction) and not add too much width to the over all cable diameter.

End result: 2 complete cables for my Emotiva UMC-1 and XPA-3. i will able be making 1 complete cable for my Furman 20PFI (yeah, you know you want one! lol! j/k). only difference, i was able to snatch up the LAST Wattgate 350iHC for the best supplier on earth! (never hurts to suck up a

thats is. all the phone calls and emails boils down to that. the other topic, i'll make a new tread.

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