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destroyer X 13th February 2007 10:38 AM

Destroyer x Amplifier...Dx amplifier
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Finally the a real testing world, the former Simplício, the Ximple amplifier had qualities enougth that made me give my name to it.

C'mon guys.... let's duel about quality?... Bring the one you have, adjusted to 100 watts power maximum during peaks...and let's see if my one will be ashamed.

You can call me "Shirley"....i will eat the board and will make a movie to you to watch the blood appearing because of the cuts.

This one is really fine!...better than all amplifiers? NO! one is able to beat Aksa amplifiers!....but i can march aside.... to stand aside without feel ashamed.

Can Symassym smash it?.... bring'em here...ahahaha..... bring'em here and you see that Symassym is a beautifull amplifier....but the romance.... the love and passion of beautifull sonics is there...inside the young Destroyer X...the brand new, the young amplfiers, with need upgrades to sonics..nothing there to decoration.....The amplifier.

Do you have doubts..... well.... i challenge you!...try to burn Destroyer X amplifier..... test it....try simulators to discover will be tired, and the maximum you will listen from Big Fat Crazy Charlie is that you may have a ball of wax inside your ears.... i will invite you to bring, and show to us your hearing tests made.

A Genuine classic from the seventies...the terrible Mythbuster amplifier.... will eat without ketchup many good amplifiers....will be comparable to many others and will loose for a nose of for a hair related many others...using a very low speed transistors.... awfull resistors and stupid silver golden plated terminals...nothing....also no emitter reliable that i am not using fuses.

And fuse could not save my speaker that gone.... holding 100 watts peak for an hour it gone!.....first time an amplifier could kill my 150 watts speaker!

Operating cold.... 570 milivolts in the output...all other transistor running with 580 milivolts to VBE.... extremelly noiseless and stable.... deep nice bass and clear trebles, wonderfull female voices and all instruments appearing with clear sound stage.....rain is rain...claps are claps.... cannon shot is another damned speaker that will go to hell!

Flat and beautifull coloured harmonic life is harmony, and music is harmony...and guys trying to remove added harmonics...let them there folks!

No more is more than more Simplício, it is 10 times better..... Destroyer X Portuguese will be Mergulhão...o bâo! (of course with wrong letters fellows)

Bring' not mind if sophisticaded.....bring'em to duel with Dx amplifier...have you courage?... tell me man, for instance, if your whale amplifier is able to adjust off set to 100 milivolts without digit over flow....non variation...hehe..... this one is stable!

I am challenging everyone!.... with Hugh Dean, Graham Maynard and Michael Bittner to a competition...sonic competition...not graphics and data competition...sound man!!

Good schematics, good board, circuit description (brief), parts list will come soon...this amplifier is the last one, my ultimate creation



richie00boy 13th February 2007 10:47 AM

Interesting compensation scheme. I look forward to seeing more on this amp. What output transistors do you use?

destroyer X 13th February 2007 11:15 AM

It is using 2SC5200 and 2SC1943....well, i have tried others, and they worked fine.

But those ones are famous enougth to make people trust.

Also the drivers and VAS can be your will.

The input can use BF423, 2N5401, BC556 and BC640...all those i have tested....the better was BC640...i also think that this is very strange.

If you love small increase in treble reproduction (i like that, in special when the amplifier has lovely compensate i think) install a 103 ceramic or poliester capacitor in parallell with the 1K5 resistor..the one is connected to the feedback transistor base and the other extreme into a 220uf electrolitic.

Emitter resistors removed...the sonic is clear....better with them out! (thanks Doctor Jan Dupont)

The feedback capacitor (103) used by Graham Maynard was tested, and i could not perceive is used from base to emitter, into the feedback transistor (the one connected to output line througth a 39K resistance in parallell with a 12 picofarads ceramic capacitor)

Everything that did not made difference with test signals...bells wispers, rain, claps, xilophone, violin, guitar scratching fingers, deep acoustic bass, small bells and metal triangle ..... no diference perceive by ears...removed!

Try it Ritchie...100 percent guarantee of is for free.... BD139 are nice as drivers and voltage amplifier...also the cousins MJE340 (or MJ340 and 350)....TIP31 and TIP32 can be used too...TIP41 and TIP42 can be used too..there are a lot of possibilites to drivers and voltage amplifiers....gain around a hundred and sold them there!

To output you can use the output designed transistors..those traditional 15004 and others from Motorola i think...the TIP35 can be used...also the old MJ3055 and MJ2955 (but you will need

emitter resistor to equalise those will need three pairs)

The output transistor arrangement may need units that can dissipate 160 or 170 watts continuously.... can be single transistors or paralel ones...using 0.33 or 0.22 ohms resistances into the emitters (worst sonic).

Attention, atencion, atenção, achtung!..... this topologie was used by Mr. Hugh Dean...not the same but almost the same, but all Aksa secrets are preserved...any one of the subcircuits and parts used to increase performance of Aspen amplifiers were used here...Hugh is my friend and no way to stole his secrets....also i use to be a thief only in 32 of February....and if stole something..for sure will be from enemies.

I have tested 25 plus 25 volts.... 35 plus 35 volts.... 38 plus 38 volts and 45 plus 45, this last sittuation using 8 ohms loads.



sparkle 13th February 2007 11:30 AM

my dear friend...
it would be nice to put some 10R resistor from input (signal) ground to power ground to float a little bit the signal ground over power supply ground....
my humble opinion...

sparkle 13th February 2007 11:36 AM

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i believe this is the last transformation into DX amplifier - correct me if i am wrong.....

destroyer X 13th February 2007 11:37 AM will be even better...but no Aksa circuits in this one..will keep this one
different...not to discover (i do not want) the powder without smoke as this was already done.

Thank you very much by your presence.

You are one of the guys i would love to listen this you have wonderfull units in your home.

Well...if do not want to assemble.... pick an Airplane to Recife.... i will let you with Rosalinda...the maid in the beach house....she loves to laugh when have very white guys to take care....i could never understand why she turns so happy...and my friends too...they cry when they go away returning to Deutschland and Sweden....i cannot understand what goes there!

Come and listen man...i will be happy to listen your ideas.... in Brazil you will have hundred percent costs paid...all them!

I hope you would be different and will explain me what is going on with my maid Rosalinda and my friends that travel to brazil.

She is good girl...she use to stay all nigth long with my friends...can you believe so good girl...she told me that stay all nigth long killing mosquitos...wonderfull anjo!



destroyer X 13th February 2007 11:44 AM

The Dx amplifier schematic.
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attached. an special offer from my friend Greg Erskine...sorry the quality, i have to change thing and to reduce size to fit forum



sparkle 13th February 2007 11:46 AM

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i think that i have her picture this Rosalinda???

edit : moderators - please excuse for a little fun.....

lineup 13th February 2007 11:52 AM

Re: It is using 2SC5200 and 2SC1943....well, i have tried others, and they worked fin

Originally posted by destroyer X

Everything that did not made difference with test signals...
bells wispers, rain, claps, xilophone, violin, guitar scratching fingers, deep acoustic bass, small bells and metal triangle .....
no difference perceived by ears...removed!


Originally posted by sparkle

it would be nice to put some 10R resistor from input (signal) ground to power ground
my humble opinion...

destroyer X
Everything that did not made difference
...... perceived by ears...removed!

What you describe, is what many of us like the most,
AKSA & Nelson & Lineup & SEWA Father Mad_K,
... now we add to this :cool: Hall Of Fame Group:cool:
... one more member:
Carlos 'The Very Productive Ingenous amplificador Destroyer'


Method: KISS
FullName: Keep It Simple, Simple!
HowTo: Do not add stuff that you can do without, and still keep a very good operation!

a) Remove 1 component
b) Check result ... by measurment and/or listen
c) If no good result: Put Back component!
d) If good Result: do not put back
e) Goto Point a) again, and repeat with next 1 component.


:cool: Sometimes, if you are VERY Lucky :cool:
you will end up with nothing but a piece of wire.
this is The Best Performer of ALLLLL.

When great audio designers, like me for example,
refer to A Piece of Wire
we simply refer to
-----> The Ultimate Ideal and best Component EVEEEEER <-----


sparkle 13th February 2007 11:57 AM

well, the sugestion was pointed to those things that Carlos maybe did not try to he can do without it - suits me....he is the boss here... i know i would like to see that resistor there - but this is only me so do not bother :)
regards lineup - nice to see you contribute here......

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